colon cleanse?

what is all the hype about getting a colon cleanse? my bulk mail is full of this type of message. says you can lose up to 20 pounds in two weeks. what is the truth?


  • artgal1285

    The truth is that this is yet another way to take some of your money. Unless you have a disease, your digestive system is a closed system which has its own good bacteria and enzymes to take care of anything it needs to have done. It doesn’t need you flushing it out and washing away it’s essential tools for good colon health.

  • cherrihill

    i asked the pharmacist one day and he said all it is …….is another laxative….. i dont know if he was just trying to get rid of me cause he was busy or not ( he was kind of rude)

  • tomct74

    It is absolutely hype. You hear about it…then don’t hear about it for 5 years, then people forget and you hear about it again. It’s a waste of money. You don’t have this "toxic" plaque that they are talking about. To be honest, aren’t most of the things you get in your junk/bulk mail just that…junk?

    Dr. Dean Edell has a radio show, and he talks about this a lot and how useless it is. Check out his website, too.

  • urcleanandlean

    Well, I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you why I, personally, have taken an interest in colon cleansing:

    Both of my grandparents died of colon cancer AND my father recently had colon cancer and had to have his entire lower intestine completely removed. As a result, his waste is bypassed to a bag that he wears under his clothes! YUCK! When my husband began having problems with excessive gassiness, constipation, straining, bleeding, etc. I did not want the same thing to happen to him. I began researching colon cleanses at length, and as a result put both of us on a colon cleanse by Life Force available at

    The tremendous amount of waste and nastiness that came out of us in the 30-day period ,combined with the relief of a myriad of symptoms and a new "regularity" that we both enjoy, convinced me that colon cleansing is definately beneficial!

    Think about it – all of that junk you eat! How often do you go? Most people only go once or twice a week, so where is all of that food that you ate? If it’s not coming out into the toilet, then it’s gotta be somewhere still inside of you, putrifying! Your body will take what it needs, vitamins, proteins, etc. from what you eat and then it is supposed to dispose of the rest – well again I ask, where is the rest if it is not coming out into the toilet? I sincerely believe that, had I known about colon cleansing a few years earlier, I could have saved my dad from his new and horrifying lifestyle of evacuating into a bag under his clothes and I KNOW that I helped my husband avoid that same fate by getting him a good colon cleanse product that actually works!

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