Can probiotic health supplements help with regularity and colon health? ?

Can they help kill off parasites and yeast too?


  • Paloma Picasso

    Probiotic health supplements, such as acidophilus can help with balancing the gentle and bad bacteria, and result in promoting good colon health. This will likely result in enabling more consistency and regularity as well. However, to eliminate parasites and problems with yeast, you would probably be better off either getting a prescription from your family physician or you could also check online to see if any herbal supplements are available for such problems. Parasites are a very technical thing that require a very specific type of medication to get rid of it. Of course, an experienced doctor in that department could give you much more information. Yeast infections are more treatable by a gynecologist. If you suspect having this, do not put off consulting and being thoroughly examined by your specialist. Good luck.

  • Shan Bokhari

    They don’t kill parasites or yeast and in healthy doses they promote digestion and colon health and do their bit like any supplement. They need to be taken regularly as the microorganisms in them are flushed from your system within days.Otherwise, they are a bit over rated and a glorified health fad. They’re probably best after a serious bout of vommitting. To date there is no evidence to say that they are bad for you.

  • Yes, probiotics can help with regularity and colon health and they will have a very minor impact on infestations but not substantial. Parasitic infestations need to be treated quite specifically. For bad bacteria, there is a product called Bioflor which is made from a specific type of yeast that is very good for the bowel. It basically kills bad bacteria, including Cholera, and helps the good bacteria (intestinal flora) to proliferate. I don’t know if it’s available in your country or not but it has been around for many years.

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