are there any natural remedies for dandruff and super itchy scalp?

i have really flaky scalp, especially in the front of my head. my scalp itches constantly. i used to use head and shoulders or other store bought dandruff shampoos but they dont seem to work anymore. i would prefer to try something natural before i go to the doctor and get a prescription for something…..


  • Mukunda M

    You can quickly heal condition with this treatment using a safe natural oil. Flaking scalp and itching is reaction to harsh chemical and other toxic ingredients in shampoos. And it can result in hair loss. Using anti-dandruff shampoos is simply going to make it worse – they often have even harsher ingredients. Use only safe, non-toxic products. Find with a Google search "Non harmful shampoos available in stores." Some will be expensive so do searches for low cost ones. Available in health food stores, pharmacies and stores like Walmart. And wash less frequently. Hair specialists tell you that too frequent washing denatures hair and scalp and contributes to flaking and hair loss.
    Massage scalp with olive oil (readily absorbed into scalp) and also brush using a natural short bristled brush – 45 or even more strokes (each day is best) – quite vigorously, so you feel it stimulating scalp – will unplug the blocked hair shaft ducts, end flaking and itching and reverse other damage (initially you might see some shedding or breakages but that will quickly stop in a matter of days). If you leave oil on while you sleep it is even more beneficial. So you will have to wash hair but will not be detrimental while doing treatment. Will also revitalize & give hair a healthy sheen.and hair will become stronger, thicker and fast growing. Keeping up a regular brushing routine(not as vigorous) will keep hair and scalp healthy. Try it! You will be happy that you did. Also be aware that hair dryers, perms, tints, bleaches, straighteners, tanning booths or sunlamps harm scalp and hair and contribute towards flaking and hair loss.

    SOURCE(S): 20 + years of research into natural treatments and cures of skin, hair and scalp disorders

  • Drink allot of water, and take a good fish oil every day (2grms.) or more several times a day. Take a Magnesium Calcium Zink supplement as well.
    This may not cure but will sure reduce the symptoms.
    Take some Oregano capsules won’t hurt.

  • plain old yellow listerine mouth wash will kill the bacteria that is causing the dandruff.

  • This is a good recipe just put in a blender a handful of Rocket (plant) and 1 garlic and about 5 table spoons of water, blend it then filter it to get the juice then add Isopropyl alcohol (same amount as the extracted juice) to the juice.
    Put it on your scalp for 20 min then wash your hear with shampoo keep doing it every day until the dandruff goes away. You will see results in 3 days. Use fresh juice every day.


    emu oil but the best thing is to eat more oils and fats in your diet and your body will naturally put it to use. If you dont like that take a omega 3 suppliment or eat fish. vitamin E will also do well.
    put some grape seed oil on your salads or vergin oil on pasta. eat sushi or eat more dairy.
    If there is an infection, yogurt and probiotic foods like cheese can help. You may consider that there is a disruption in your normal skin flora or a shampoo allergy. please switch to baby shampoo or hypoallergenic shampoo and then try these things and maybe get a shampoo with some tea tree oil because this is a natural antifungal and will help correct an overgrowth of abnormal flora or bacteria.
    Food allergies can cause this and the most common allergy like this is CORN.

  • Amit K

    Mix powdered Henna in a Glass bowl and make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your hair and Scalp and rinse; when dry. If you want to color your hair then leave the paste overnight and apply it the next morning with surgical gloves on. For more effect use curd in place of water to make the paste.

  • Mix one tablespoon pure vinegar in half a bucket of water.Shampoo and wash well with it. Making sure that you have enough vitamins such as zinc, beta-carotene, B6, B12 and selenium in your diet. More simple remedies for dandruff at

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