Any diet plans for someone with a thyroid condition?

I have a thyroid condition that messes with my weight and hormones a lot. I have been trying to find some sort of diet plan that goes well with someone that has graves disease. Any suggestions?


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    After extensive research, I have learned the right nutritition, proper exercise and life balance are very important for those of us with these conditions. I have found that if you eat a high fiber diet, limit dairy and carbs that my body seems to work better.

    Also a mental and physical tune-up are imperative. Try to relax, meditate, try yoga or tai chi-whatever works for you to coordinate your mindset with your body.

    I wanted to share with you a weightloss/nutritional lifestyle a girfriend of mine recently uncovered. A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with hashimoto thyroitism. My girlfriend also wanted to lose weight and simply feel better. About three months ago, she implemented a customized nutritional support system that is personalized for each persons individual body. My girlfriend reports great results. She was really excited when she initially dropped a ton of weight initially, I believe somewhere around 20 pounds, before evening out to a weekly weight loss average of 3-5 pounds that is still continuing. Her goal was to loose somewhere around 60 pounds total.
    The "puffiness" and "bloating" appearance she had experienced throughout her body but especially in her face, neck, arms and belly is finally gone! I don’t recognize her anymore, she looks fabulous and years younger!

    Another report coming from her that really intrigued me was the fact that she had boundless energy throughout the day without those "dips" in energy levels (she would crash mid day and that tired feeling would leave her craving caffeine). No more sleepless nights for her! I don’t know about you, but I am one of those who can’t rest well at night.
    Her TSH levels are incredibly low! She reported that witihn a month of her new regimen her T3 and T4 levels lowered and remain steadily low. Her own endocrinologist was amazed at her rapid healing and the fact that she is getting better on a daily basis, her body is starting to repair itself. She has not relapsed once!

    After learning of her quick results (she has only been on her exercise and nutritional support program less than three months), I will be trying this program as I have almost all of her symptoms, plus some!

    PLEASE NOTE: To lose weight you must exercise and eat properly. Having a nutritional program will enhance your results but will not be a free pass to eat the foods that are not healthy or beneficial to your body–whether or not you have a thyroid condition! I highly reccomend seeking a comprehensive wellness lifestyle plan (mind, body and soul).

    Sorry about my long post but I am so excited to meet others who may be having the same challenges and I feel so blessed to maybe have an answer that might work for you.

    Let me know if any of this information helps as I know the symptoms with Graves can also be found with those that have Hashimoto.

  • no i dont think diet plan will work in your case.

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