ADD/ADHD natural remedies… what to buy?

I posted yesterday about my bf having ADHD but with a bit more research I found that he has both innatentive and hyperactive symptoms.

It took a lot of convincing but he’s willing to try. I don’t believe in drugs that give you double the side-effects you’re already dealing with so I’ve been researching natural remedies.

what products have worked for you?

here are some ingredients that I found… and I think should be looking for…

Ginko Biloba, German Chamommile, Gotu Kola, Rooibos, Brahmi, Siberian & Panax Ginseng, Skullcap, Green Oats, Hawthorne, Lobelia, Lemon Balm, Velarian, EPA, DHA, Omega 3, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Glycine, GABA Powder, Huperzine A Extract

pls share any success stories/ what I should be buying vs not buying.
thanks foor all your answers, it can get quite a bit confusing but I do believe ADHD can be helped with natural remedies to a certain point (the rest needs to be learned on a day to day basis).

Why would removing all sugars and starch from a diet cure it but adding iron and megnesium (which they apparently have a deficiency of) be useless? I’m not ruling it out – it’s possible that they might have an allergy to sugar but he’s already eating very healthy, excercises regularly, not a fan of sugar either but shows clears symptoms of ADHD – some days worse than others.

Cutting everything out of a diet will make you very unhealthy, nothing should be drastic to that point…

I’m just looking for what’s best as far as supplements so thanks for the heads up on the drowsiness!
it’s been a great help and I’ve taken everything in consideration.

It’s hard to convince a guy that he has to watch what he eats, well mine anyway so I asked him to get an allergy test done and a blood test done at the same time (to also see if he has any deficiencies that seem to be popular amongst people with adhd).

I believe in natural remedies before anything but everyone’s needs are different so if it is allergies this will tell.

thanks for all your help!!!



    According to Dr. Natasha Campbell MD, Neurologist, Nutritionist {Cert}, in her book ‘Gut And Psychology Syndrome’ there is a link between the health of the gut of patients suffering from ADD/ADHD, Learning disabilities Pdyspraxia/dyslexia}, Bipolar disorder, Depression, ect. This is a very interesting read, i have not read the whole book yet, but i would reccommend you look into this, i personally suffer from bouts of hyperactivity/depression and in between i’m normal, so the cause being ‘genetic’ as doctors repeat {repeat what they learned at med school} did not make any sense.

    I once read a case of hyperactivity caused by a milk allergy, you should eliminate all milk products, like cheese, butter, ice-cream, ect. for 5 days to see if there is any improvement, some allergic symptoms occur upto 72hours after they were allergen food was eaten. Its best to get the allergy test done, rather than follow mere speculation of people, bu if you can’t afford the test, then an elimination diet would be useful, like first elimination gluten products, then milk, then ect. to see what he is allergic too.

    Anyhow back to the book, it describes how the gut is colonised by pathogenic microbes which secrete many many different chemicals, similar to drugs, which wreak havoc on the brain, this cause loss of short term memory, poor concentration, hyperactivity, and even hallucinations. Depending on each persons individual chemical cocktail made by fermenting bacteria/yeasts in the gut, the symptoms vary, and the label, e.g. a person with bipolar disorder has the same underlying cause as someone with ADD/ADHD or Schizophrenia. This is pioneering research, in fact a Japanese study showed a pathogenic yeast called Candida Albicans secrets 70 known toxins/neurotoxins which enter the brain, and off course cause psychological problems, like OCD, Depression, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Hallucinations, insomnia ect.

    Read this book, if it is the only thing you take away from reading this, i highly reccommend you look into this, and read this book.

    To heal the gut, i reccommend you try out the guidelines/ 3 fast, i reccommend here:;_ylt=ArI0FoFyAbUALPygezD7Cp7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080621211914AAYvaoS&show=7#profile-info-Dv72wM7Saa

    See a good naturopath, nutritionist, and a orthomolecular doctor {some good nutritionists are learned in orthomolecular psychiatry} The Brain Bio Centre in London, and in Princeton have such experienced and educated nutritionists. Although, it is expensive, but they have a high success rate in ‘curing’ mental illness without drugs.

    Yorktests,, do a good allergy test kit, which you do at home, and send off to the lab, it tests allergies to 113 foods. Allergies can cause hyperactivity and manifest as psychological problems, this is not accepted by doctors who treat the mind and body seperately, which is idiotic as they are bound together forming a whole, and are inseperable. Alternative medicine treats the body as a whole, and in the case of mental illness, is far superior them conventional therapies, drugs, and psycho-therapy.

    Ignore the ramblings of ignorant men, critics, they would rather you follow conventional medicine, and stay on medication for a life-time, a put lots of $$$ in the pockets of pharmaceutical giants.

    I would like to congratulate you for looking in the right direction, for finding the solution for your bf.

    Also consider researching Gerson Therapy, watch ‘Dying To Have Known’, although for cancer, it has been shown to cure mental illness, and other diseases.

    As for supplements, i reccommend:

    A good high-strength multivitamin/mineral, like Higher Nature bran or ‘Mineral’, which are in a bioavailable form. sells them cheap.

    Omega 3, 1000-3000mg per day, EPA/DHA, strictly ‘Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega’ or Carlson’s brand, as they are pure pharmaceutical grade, and need to be refrigerated, unlike cheap brands, which are not pure, and even oxidised.

    Ginkgo Biloba 60mg, as you stated.

    Kefir Making, joing the Yahoo Kefir Making Group, this will heal the gut, and kill the bad bacteria that may be causing the ADD/ADHD

    1000mg of Vitamin C, as Magnesium Ascorbate Powder, and 1000mg of L-methionine amino acid, 500mg Calcium {taken in the morning}, this will reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions.

    Hope this helps.

  • fireman sam

    I have ADD. I haven’t taken any drugs for it.

    I’ve found that there are a couple things to help.

    1- Eat fruit, specifically bananas and oranges

    2- Exercise – this is the main one. I do weights and go for regular jogs and its definitely a remedy for at least ADHD.

    Good luck

    Hope I was of some help

  • Lisa J

    Forget supplements and spending money on all the stuff you found on the Internet. ADD and ADHD are not cured either with Ritalin or other medication, nor with supplements.

    The cause of Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity etc. is due to sugar allergy.

    Remove all sugars from the diet – including all soft drinks, ketchup and other sauces which contains sugar, sweetened yoghurt etc. and much more. You’ll have to look at the label each time you buy something, but it’s the only way. Be ruthless. Also remove all foods which contain artificial colouring.

    Just test it: 3 to 4 weeks of this diet and the ADHD person is a new person.

    Do not reintroduce sugar in the diet before the allergy to sugar has been eliminated with kinesiology.

    Your boyfriend deserves a good life!

  • Ruby S

    zinc is very good, also tonic water to drink helps to clear out toxins. My son is the same and now 23yrs old but still cannot drink red bull or drinks like this. When he was taking his driving test I made him take Evening primrose oil for two weeks before this helped his concentration

  • asteroid camper

    Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, drink only filtered water, and get lots of exercize and fresh air. Lack of oxygen and natural vitamins can cause ADHD/ADD

  • milkmakingmama

    I have found that it is usually a food allergy (or like lisa j said, a sugar allergy) If you cut out sugar, food coloring and preservatives it will help immensely! Also, if possible, get tested for actual food allergies. If you have a food allergy and cut that food it can make a dramatic difference. One thing I learned in the Army is that small amounts of caffeine can help with concentration (this is the reason gotu kola can help, but soda is cheaper!!). I would drink little sips of one 20 oz soda all day. If you drink large amounts of caffeine though, it can work the opposite! The last thing is, Valerian is a sleep aid and will make you very drowsy!!

  • kag_mushroom

    i heard thc (pot) helps

    i’m not totally sure how but
    hey its natrual

    and the person who is talking about the sugar and preservatives and food coloring should die.
    my mother wanted me to be a perfect little child so when i was 7 she made me stop eating dairy corn wheat sugar food die and perservatives
    ever since that day i was a wreck
    i lost weight, i barely grew, and at age 14 i’m only just catching up to some people
    it made me extremly paranoid
    when i was around 10 i stopped listening to my mom and ate what i wanted when she wasnt around
    i was so scared of being caught though i dont know why
    i’m still a pretty paranoid kid.
    i was malnourished, a piece of wheat or white bread was a luxury to me
    when i was around 12-13, i put my stupid fear aside and stood up to the bitch. i went up to my mother and promptly ate a slice of pizze infront of her
    ever since then i eat whatever and she cant stop me 🙂

  • Patrick oldie

    I have been assisting children with difficulties at schools for nine years and have read lots of books on the subject,which could save you a lot of time.
    2 Books you should look at are
    ‘The New Additive Code Breaker’ by Maurice Hanssen with Jill Marsden, and ‘Fed Up’ by Sue Dengate.
    Do not put your children or your boy friend on Prozac, or Ritalin as these are derivatives of cocaine.
    If you look at the colouring number 102 (Tartrazine a azo dye yellow in colour) which is nearly all soft drinks cakes and and lots of other products plus Benzoic Acid (210) a preservative, it can cause ADHD in a lot of children.
    As every person is different, so a combination of additives in our systems reacts differently.
    I am sure if you read these 2 books they will provide you with all the information you will need.
    Never mind about supplements, it’s an allergy reaction brought about by one or more additives cut them out of your diet and notice the difference. GOOD LUCK.


    I can tell you what will help because I personally have been researching ADHD and health. I am an adult with ADHD and I test things on myself and others.

    Here is what has been working.

    1. Diet
    Someone mentioned removing sugar. Sugar is a really bad ingredient. It causes a lot of health issues. I was able to help myself without removing sugar, but I recommend working on removing sugar. Eventually, I changed my diet and eliminated sugar. I noticed even greater improvements.

    Here are the main things other than sugar, that should be avoided. Dairy (dont worry, you get nothing beneficial from it), gluten, artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, and these kinds of things. These ingredients tend to cause the body to become hyperactive. They also cause the brain to go out of focus.

    You can have a diet without all of these things. Here is how simple it is. Eat all fresh foods. Fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and so on. Avoid frozen, bagged, boxed, and canned items. You don’t want any processed foods. That is where added sugar and the chemicals are.

    2, Exercise
    Exercise is always good for anyone

    3. Supplementation
    Omega 3 is said to be good for people with ADHD. It is said to be required for anyone. I didn’t notice much difference with it but I use it everyday.

    I really noticed the difference when I started taking this liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. I tried other things, powders, tablets, pills, capsules, and they just didn’t work.

    The first week that I tried this, I could focus, concentrate, sleep better, and I just felt great. My mood swings even diminished.

    When I had a roomate, I found out he had ADHD. I wanted him to try it to see what would happen. He had the same amazing results I did.

    As you can see, you can do things naturally. You just have to understand the body’s needs and how it works. Then you can figure out what is going wrong, and fix the problem.

    Watch the youtube video below to learn about the product and listen to my testimony at the end.

    PS. My GF said if I stop taking it, we have to break up. That is how bad my ADHD was and how good this stuff works.

    I would like your boyfriend to try this.

    Please let me know how to get it to you.

    I am also available if you have any questions.

  • doodle.bug33

    go and see a homeopath. rather than looking at the problem they will look at him as a whole unit and will individualise a remedy that will best suit him, such as:
    calc carb, sulphur, camomila, ignatia, china, nux vom, hepa-sulph, lycopodium.

  • tagalongsolo

    Delete processed foods from the diet, as well as white flour, and refined sugars. Beware of high fructose cornsyrup, it will do great harm to the body. A diet made up of 85% whole fruits and vegetables will also be of great help. See

  • jasonmarke

    There is a video with streaming videos : Being In Control : Natural Solutions for ADHD Dyslexia and Test Anxiety" for synopsis

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