ADD/ADHD natural remedies… what to buy?

I posted yesterday about my bf having ADHD but with a bit more research I found that he has both innatentive and hyperactive symptoms.

It took a lot of convincing but he’s willing to try. I don’t believe in drugs that give you double the side-effects you’re already dealing with so I’ve been researching natural remedies.

what products have worked for you?

here are some ingredients that I found… and I think should be looking for…

Ginko Biloba, German Chamommile, Gotu Kola, Rooibos, Brahmi, Siberian & Panax Ginseng, Skullcap, Green Oats, Hawthorne, Lobelia, Lemon Balm, Velarian, EPA, DHA, Omega 3, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Glycine, GABA Powder, Huperzine A Extract

pls share any success stories/ what I should be buying vs not buying.
thanks foor all your answers, it can get quite a bit confusing but I do believe ADHD can be helped with natural remedies to a certain point (the rest needs to be learned on a day to day basis).

Why would removing all sugars and starch from a diet cure it but adding iron and megnesium (which they apparently have a deficiency of) be useless? I’m not ruling it out – it’s possible that they might have an allergy to sugar but he’s already eating very healthy, excercises regularly, not a fan of sugar either but shows clears symptoms of ADHD – some days worse than others.

Cutting everything out of a diet will make you very unhealthy, nothing should be drastic to that point…

I’m just looking for what’s best as far as supplements so thanks for the heads up on the drowsiness!
it’s been a great help and I’ve taken everything in consideration.

It’s hard to convince a guy that he has to watch what he eats, well mine anyway so I asked him to get an allergy test done and a blood test done at the same time (to also see if he has any deficiencies that seem to be popular amongst people with adhd).

I believe in natural remedies before anything but everyone’s needs are different so if it is allergies this will tell.

thanks for all your help!!!

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