Acne Update! + RANT. Skincare Journal + Does Dairy Cause Acne + High Glycemic Foods

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  • jimmy jim

    I would say that acne was tough to me for a while. I think´╗┐ it’s better to have acne early than having it later in life because you can start the treatment earlier. I layered 3 different acne medications probably a year before now. I have no pimple at all now but I’m left with pigmentation spots.

  • graymass1

    Hi well you helped me when I watched your videos cause I have acne like you do but mine is only on my face but I get acne so bad it piles on itself and the scarring put pits in my face. I am glad I watched you foundation application cause´╗┐ now im on my way to purchasewhat you use cause I cant stand my pitted face even shows when I apply make up so I hope your method works on me and if it does i will let you know. Thabk you so much for your videos , they are the best.

  • willingskate

    Home remedies for acne given here will cure your acne in 3 days,

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    Home Remedies for Acne and Treatments to have clear and smooth skin´╗┐ permanently.

  • Dark7Angel77

    Your actually really cute. If´╗┐ you still having acne problems get off any medication, you got to get on a low gi diet, no dairy, and start taking supplements such as vitamin b5, zinc, saw palmetto, and tons of omega 3 and some 6, you need to get a 2:1 ratio of omega 3 and 6, do that for a few months and your skin will clear up, the dermatologists and BIG PHARMA want you to have acne and get sick, dont use the medications they dont work and the only one that does which is accutane very bad drug.

  • Dark7Angel77

    Take a look into Youngevity products there are amazing. Nutrition is the real key to health, most of the doctors and all the FDA should be put in prison for the shit they sell. Look into well known doctors such as Ben fuchs. Call into his radio show, he’ll tell you just what you´╗┐ need to get rid of that acne.

  • RaChIeFaU

    I never had problem skin as a teen, but about ten years ago(I’m 34) I started breaking out with the nodular cystic acne. Ugh. I hate it. Today, I woke up with two new cysts. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s in addition to what feels like the MILLION other cysts on my face! I wish you the best in your acne clearing´╗┐ journey! Oh and one last thing, CONGRATS on being in Glamour Mag this month!

  • Elena Cruz

    hi….I have´╗┐ a tip

  • Elena Cruz

    im´╗┐ testing this…


    Omg, i totally love you. :)´╗┐ You are so real,you’re doing this video without any make up on, and thousands of people can see it, and you probably don’t care,becouse it’s You.The real one:) And that’s what i like. You have a gorgeous smile,Super white Teeth,your eyes are amazing,you are a nice and beautiful person! I mean, I don’t care that you have Acne, i like you with it:)

  • CassieAnna C

    ahhh…vanity will´╗┐ kill ya.

  • cuzzman01

    Have you tried getting Gluten´╗┐ out of your diet? that will help you as well.

  • Rafaela Eusebio

    I like you very much. you make me feel safe despite having´╗┐ acne

  • charilyn perocho

    thank u so much ..i like this video very much…it makes me feel comfident even if i have this´╗┐ acne

  • lilmanstube

    Hey sick of acne? Want it gone?
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  • RestoreEyesightNow

    yeah´╗┐ were not blind. you dont have to keep pushing your head into the camera…

  • RestoreEyesightNow

    you have hormone issues. why you swearing and getting mad all the time. you need to chill badly. Everyone here complaining about acne here is´╗┐ the same. Look up pH levels of food and which ones are inflammatory. If you know this kind of stuff then you will know what is a good diet.. If you´╗┐ google “nutrition data” you get a website that will tell you info on any food you´╗┐ eat during the day..

  • biziizleyin21

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  • Josi Paige

    how’s your´╗┐ skin doing now cass?

  • 1therapture

    Please do try some more natural products. All the harsh chemicals you mentioned can aggravate your skin. Please try some natural oils, particularly LAVENDER OIL. It’s brilliant for soothing redness in particular. Google it / search on YouTube for some good homemade products. Lots of people find it much better than medication (personally, so do I). You can´╗┐ even add it to your bath / to body spritzers to sooth the ones on the rest of your body. Good luck x

  • Paulina Poblano

    WOW! you have no idea how much this particular video helped me. I know EXACTLY how you feel because I also have the hormonal acne you have.´╗┐ it is mainly concentrated on my face and I am incredibly self conscious about it. I also take medication and use a retinoid, wash my face every night-and i still have it. i can understand your frustration and i’ve cried many times over this. i always think ‘why me!!!’ thank you SO MUCH for being brave and sharing this videos with everyone. You are beautiful!

  • TheTeodora09

    hi ! try brevoxyl or diane 35 – if its hormanal. its just from my experience. i ve been there..15 years i ve fought with that and i m ok now..but of course i have 31 now….so ,..try brevoxyl…maybe it will help .good luck ! and i do´╗┐ now what you are going throught…i really do ..

  • photocot

    I know what it’s like.. I have psychics problem because acne.. I can’t stop touch my face. ;/ you’re not alone, remember!´╗┐

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