Do Greasy And Oily Foods Cause Acne And Pimples? Do greasy and oily foods cause acne? yes! most likely the one’s you are eating are. Greasy and oily foods often contain trans fats, hydrogenated oils and all sorts of other synthetic junk that is chemicalized which wreaks havoc on your digestive system which ultimately causes issues on the skin such as acne and pimples. I’d recommend reducing and/or eliminating trans fats, hydrogenated oils and focusing more on getting healthier sources of fat that aren’t oily, greasy and synthetic! I hope this helps you clear up your skin further! David Benjamin


  • erythefairy

    All your videos are so helpful. They remind me why I need to continue eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods. Thank you so much! I look forward to all your new videos!

  • callmebuu

    david idk why man but iv beene ating healthy for a year and been properly washing my face i dont touch it or irritate it and i still have crazy acne all over my face i even still get white heads whch idk why if im only eating healthy plz i need help idk what more to do i think a year is good amount of time for my skin to reduce at least down to couple pimples if you want u can see my pic i can send u it if u need plz help man :{

  • erythefairy

    You might be stressing about it too much. He’s talked about it before.

  • ABertram2323

    greasey and oily foods do, as do any foods high in carbs. if you suffer from acne, eat LOW CARB. insulin is absolutely the reason acne exists. spikes in insulin among many other things, deregulate your hormones. eat meat and vegetables. cut starches, grains, and high glycemic fruits. only eat berries if you need fruit. eat high fat such as coconut oil, almonds, and other nuts, eat lean meats (organic or wild caught), and eat tons of vegetables. i gaurantee your acne will fade quickly!

  • 31FREEZY

    Thanks for the info. I clearly believe you need to have more views and ppl watching your videos. Your videos are very informative and helpful.

  • acneerasingsecrets

    thanks so much, I appreciate it! good for you… keep it up! Please like the videos, add them to playlists, share with friends, post on pinterest etc… More people need to learn this kind of stuff and not many know how important it is.

  • acneerasingsecrets

    Hey, ‘healthy’ is a different definition to everyone… are you an acne erasing secrets member? if so email me and we will get it figured out… I’ll probably have a long email response with a lot of advice for you!

  • acneerasingsecrets

    thanks for the comment! I agree with most of what you are saying… there are different causes of acne, really depends on the person but yes overall cutting grains, starches and junk is a good big step in the right direction for most people!

  • whiteb011

    I have my acne, it will never clear up =(


    Everybody wish me luck!! I’m going for a job interview, I’m 16 and have a lot of acne and I’m ready to clear my acne if I get the job!! I have studied everything about acneerasingsecreats and how to clear it and I know a lot about health Now! Wish me Luck!!!

  • SpanicPanik

    Hey David. Two questions. First is what Fish Oil supplement do you recommend? And second is what are your thoughts on taking low doses of cinammon (pill for after meals) for insulin control in relation to acne?

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