Why have people become obsessed with their colon health?

Are people scared of having unknown things in their colon?
Like what, some examples?


  • I'm Back

    The colon plays an important part in the health of a human being. You try not going to the toilet for two weeks and see how you feel. The build up of waste can kill in a short space of time. If a cancer is preventable, like in colon cancer, people try to prevent it as early as possible. Who wants elongated stuff shoved up their butt? Prevention is better than cure.

  • smartypants909

    Colon cancer has become a major killer in this country, I know several people who now have their feces collected in a bag in their side because they had to have part of their colon removed.

  • Prairie Girl

    Doctors now realize that if a person has a colonoscopy to remove any polyps that may be in the colon it will prevent the person from getting colon cancer, which can be deadly.

  • ~♥kodys girl♥~

    maybe because that is something important to care about

  • Muleman

    I saw a guy on TV news that had managed to get a Beer Bottle in there. They showed the X Rey to! I think he was American as littering is a serious offence there!

  • rosa q

    The older you get…the only thing left to bit-h about is when was the last time you went. It seems to be a top and common thing to talk about in nursing homes among the elders. (I worked a nursing home once)

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