Why dosnt the US have Free health care?

France did it Britain did it what about the "best" county in the world if that part of the american dream having to pay thousands of dollars a year for that. I was watching Sicko yesterday and it got me so mad that we are one of the richest counties and don’t have free health care.


  • Pelle K

    Even in Britain health care is not free as such. Of course you wont be asked to pay first before getting treatment when you are sick. They just have a different and an elaborate way of collecting the money from the citizens through national insurance, other taxation and prescription charges.

  • we have the best health care in the world

    that’s why people from other countries come here for their health care

    in Canada it takes a year to get an appointment with a doctor and they

    have 20% sales taxes to cover the costs

  • plamc0185

    The movie sicko is made by the biggest Democrat in the country, he never tells the whole story… go research it and learn for yourself don’t listen to that prick! ha Learn about health care from reliable sources not from junk that people make up.

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