Why does women's health get more attention than men's?

…while men’s health issues are relatively ignored?
Why do (presumably) women’s health sites and organizations vastly outnumber those for men?
Why is there a hospital in Richmond dedicating an ENTIRE ƒUCKlNG FLOOR to surgery for just women, that would necessarily reject any man with an identical condition?
Why does breast cancer receive more funding then any other disease, when it can often be self-diagnosed and while colon cancer kills twice as many people?
Can the gap in life expectancy be attributed to any of this sexism?


  • Audrey Jane

    Women give birth. Of course they’re going to get more attention. Healthy women produce healthy babies for future generations. But men also contribute of course 🙂

  • because men dont visit the doctor as much as women.
    lots of me deny that they need help. women are more likely to seek help, even for trivial things. and they have more contact with doctors over their lifecourse
    men dont like doctors. its a man thing.

  • Barcode

    Life is full of disappointments.

  • Bionic Saint

    because we have to take care of our women because they are more fragile than us guys. and if there’s no women, whats the use in living?

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