what the hell am i too sensitive? help pls?? :(?

Asked: what the hell am i too sensitive? help pls?? :(?

ok i am a 20 year old girl and i am really beauty conscious!!i have a lot of upper lip hair ..i actually am very hairy!! all over my body 🙁 its like one big curse in my life…and due to constant hair removal my upper lip has become darker compared to my face..:( and some girls constantly keep asking me about and it makes me feel soo so horrible!! i never wear sleeve less tops because the horrible eczema from which i suffered has left behind few scars… my life would have been so much simpler if i hadn't been this hairy..and i would have had so much more confidence…it is completely inhibiting me from showing the world who i truly am! no guy wants a girl with a moustache like me !may be tats y no guy EVER has asked me out …:'(..


Laser hair removal get's you skin darker? They better leave you hairless cause that's a rip off of what you are paying. Does it really work removing your hair?

People might accept your hairiness.But no one will put up with your anger and bad language.why did you say 'hell'?How are we responsible for hair on your body?

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