what the hell am i too sensitive? help pls?? :(?

Asked: what the hell am i too sensitive? help pls?? :(?

ok i am a 20 year old girl and i am really beauty conscious!!i have a lot of upper lip hair ..i actually am very hairy!! all over my body 🙁 its like one big curse in my life…and due to constant hair removal my upper lip has become darker compared to my face..:( and some girls constantly keep asking me about and it makes me feel soo so horrible!! i never wear sleeve less tops because the horrible eczema from which i suffered has left behind few scars… my life would have been so much simpler if i hadn't been this hairy..and i would have had so much more confidence…it is completely inhibiting me from showing the world who i truly am! no guy wants a girl with a moustache like me !may be tats y no guy EVER has asked me out …:'(..

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