What kind of foods cause high cholesterol?

And how can I lower my cholesterol, aside from cutting back on the foods that cause it?


  • black57

    Cholesterol belongs in our bodies. It has important duties. What causes cholesterol to lodge in our arteries is the trasportation agents ( better known as HDL and LDL ) are not balanced. If the LDL transports cholesterol to the arteries, HDL carries it away. If the LDL is too high and HDL is too low, cholesterol will be deposited in the arteries.LDL tranports cholesterol to the body’s cells while the HDL transports cholesterol to the liver to be discarded. But when HDL and LDL are at the proper levels, meaning HDL is plentiful enough to take excess cholesterol back to the liver where it is discarded, your cholesterol levels will be balanced.Please note, LDL has its job to do and HDL has its job to do so one should not be seperated as good and the other one is wicked. They both have a necessary service to perform. What causes the transport imbalance can be blamed on insulin instability. Stabilize your insulin and balanced cholesterol ratios will follow. Understand that it is the ratios not the total the defines healthy cholesterol levels. In order to stabilize your insulin remove processed sugars,flour, rice,corn and anything that has a high glucose content.

  • Giliathriel

    Processed foods have a lot more of it than you would suspect–also, if you like your butter and microwave popcorn, I suggest cooking your own, and finding a unique way of flavoring it rather than slathering on the butter.

    Your cholesterol might also just be natural–I’m 18, but my cholesterol is already slightly elevated, but I’ve always tried to eat healthy, so I have no idea what’s causing it.

  • berniejasmine

    red meats. eat foods that are high in fiber especially raw fruits and vegetables it will help eliminate cholesterol in your body.


    a good healthy diet is all you need garlic,soy,oats, selenium enriched cereals these are all good for lowering cholesterol cut out fatty foods /trans fats are really bad
    cholesterol can be affected by age,gender,family history,if you are overweight,if you smoke this can affect the
    HDL =good cholesterol ,LDL= bad cholesterol

  • Dr. Terry

    Saturated fats. Also, something very important to remember is that not eating before physical activity causes an increase in cholesterol and can be very dangerous.

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