HELP on High cholesterol?

i need help 🙁 what are some pros and cons on high cholesterol?

Thanks 🙂


  • oscar m

    too high cholesterol is not good, but too low is very bad. cholesterol is arguably the most important substance in your body; every cell wall, brain, nerves, organs, all made of cholesterol. cholesterol clogs your arteries trying to bandaid inflammation from junk food; sugar, grains,fried, artificial and processed; not your cholesterol level, youtube search cholesterol myth. the real lesson here is don;t eat the junk food.

  • Rick B

    Huh???? There ar no pros.

  • Jim 06460389

    better yet why not read and actually LEARN WHAT IT ALL MEANS AND WHY its even important for yourself.. Everything you ever needed to know is right here if you bother to take your time….

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