What are some natural remedies and cures for depression?

Hello there. I’ve gone through cycles of mild depression throughout my life, mostly brought on by negative events that have taken place during those periods. I once went through a depression as a young teen, got out of it for many years, and have recently found myself depressed once again as a young adult. I don’t know exactly why or how it went away before…it sort of "passed". My depression isn’t extreme (manic depressive/suicidal) or anything of that sort– I’m just generally really down feeling, unmotivated (I sleep a lot and lay around), and have began to isolate myself from others. I’m becoming lethargic almost and I dwell a lot on the past and have feelings of unnecessary guilt.

I do not believe in medicine for the treatment of depression (except in extreme cases) and I’m looking for natural remedies and ways to get out of this rut. Any advice is extremely appreciated! 🙂 xoxo

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