• onlymatch4u

    Don’t listen to those promoting antibiotics as if that is the only way to deal with UTI. There is a product called UT Formula One that is a very powerful and natural product made from Cranberries and is highly concentrated that will give you relief in a day or two. The company that makes this also makes other products that support making the bladder healthy.

    Antibiotics kill bacteria, but only the surface ones. Many times biofilms are generated that protect the bacteria and you will find the infection keeps returning after taking antibiotics that kill some of the germs. Then you have to continue the fight and take even more antibiotics. This is lunacy.

    Antibiotics are non specific antigens that kill all bacteria indiscriminately. You kill 80% of your bodies immune system by killing the friendly intestinal flora. Now you are susceptible to yeast infections, etc. The humoral immune system has "B" cells and "T" cells. They are reciprocal. When you take an antibiotic, you stimulate the "B" cells in to action and this TURNS OFF THE "T" CELLS! ! ! The "T" cell are what protect you from VIRAL infections, cancer, etc. Not a good idea.

    You want to increase the friendly bacteria, not kill them! ! !

    You need to make sure you have adequate hydrochloric acid production in your stomach and take a garlic extract called Allicin. This kills the biofilms. Drink lots of water and focus on health, not the "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH" you get from drugs.

    good luck to you

  • twinkle

    A UTI is an infection and if not treated with antibiotics it can lead to more serious problems. there are no "remedies" for any infections. if you want decrease your symptoms there is AZO available at your local drugstore.

  • Invader Takiki

    You definitely need to get antibiotics for that. Cranberry juice helps to an extent, but it is not a "remedy".

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