What are some good natural health websites?

I have never paid much attention to health before. I’ve always been a really healthy person without even trying and I pretty much never get sick. But yesterday I went to the dentist, and he says I need a root canal. I guess my immune system isn’t as good as I thought it was. I have read that a tooth with a root canal will leach bacteria into my body which can cause a ton of different health problems and ruin my immune system. Now I feel I have to be extra careful about my health. But there are so many different opinions, its really confusing. So what are some good websites, books, magazines to help me start educating myself?


  • Рикки

    checkout this link: http://www.choicehealthmag.com/
    here you find many articles on health & fitness, magazines and much more

  • thenoseknows

    What Doctors Don’t Tell You/WDDTY

    Mercury fillings are a continuous source of mercury toxicity and some people are hugely sensitive to the point that they end up in a wheelchair.
    Holistic dentists don’t recommend root canals at all because of the bacterial issues — the gums and bone never completely heal. Extractions can be a problem if some part of the tooth is left in — eventually it will contaminate your whole mouth with bacteria too.
    Fluoride toothpaste damages your gums and it’s a complete fallacy that fluoride protects your teeth — the type used is a byproduct of industrial waste. Read the tube, it tells you that it’s toxic. People just don’t pay attention, and we have decades of industrial propaganda to overcome. Have sensitive teeth? Switch to a herbal toothpaste and it will all go away.
    Just google Holistic dentistry and you’ll find a ton of information.

  • I agree with the other answer- Mercola is a good place to start.
    Check out Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pichford
    Prescription for Nutritional Healing
    Mark Hyman, MD has a great website with a lot of natural healing info.
    World’s healthiest foods website.
    Good Luck.

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