What are some careers you could have to do with natural health?

I’m really interested in things like natural living, raw food diets, yoga, meditation, anything organic- can anyone suggest some professions I could have regarding these things? And where I could go to school or how I’d attain a certificate or whatever I’d need… I’m from Canada by the way.. thanks!


  • thenoseknows

    Get "Alive" magazine free at your local health food store. At the back you’ll find lots of natural health listings including some colleges. You could become a holistic nutritionist, a naturopath, a homeopath, chiropracter, osteopath, massage therapist (Active Release, Bowen method, Rolfing, Cranial-sacral therapy, or any combination, this is a huge field). Many natural health practitioners get certified in different fields and use them when indicated depending on the type of problems the patient has.

  • Snowflake

    Becoming a nutritionist sounds like it would be something you’d really enjoy. I looked at several nutritional programs a few months ago before deciding to do a Master of Holistic Science program. There are many schools out there, and from experience I know it’s best to take your time to learn as much as you can about several schools before deciding. Also, do research on search engines for reviews of the schools you are considering. Another good idea is to find a forum who has experts already working in the area you are most interested in and ask them questions.

    Currently I’m in school to become a natural health consultant. In the future I plan on having my own business (mostly helping clients online). The general public is starting to become more and more interested in holistic health and in the future the demand for experts in this area will continue to increase. It’s a great area to become educated in, but first find out if there are any places in your area where you could get a job after graduating. The majority of people in the natural health field either have their own business or open up their own natural health center. As a nutritionist you would have several job options in your local area (such as working at a hospital, clinic, etc). If you decide to go into the natural health field there may or may not be any regular career-type jobs in your area. The school I’m attending actually goes out into my community to find an internship for me when I get to that point.

    If you choose any kind of natural health school (other than nutrition), the total cost for tuition should not cost more than $500 to $1000 (I learned that when doing research). The distance learning program I’m doing includes advanced nutrition, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more. The best school I found is the Natural Healing College. They have a few programs to choose from, it’s all distance learning, and you have 2 years to complete the program (most people finish much faster though).

    Good luck, and have fun on your journey while learning! 🙂

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