What All Natural can I use to supplement my health?

About 8 Months Ago, I weighed in nearly 400 lbs and since then have dropped nearly 80 lbs by strictly Exercising and eating good wholesome foods. I am looking for some natural products from Mother Earth(Not Supplements), whether it be a plant, nut, food, just All Natural True Products, nothing that processed in a factory or manufactured, Just products for overall health, not to cure a specific problem, but I just need some additional ideas so I can switch up my diet and feel even better!(I already feel 100 times better than I did) If you could also tell me you suggestions and what they are useful for, that is helpful as well. I’m open to ANY Suggestions. Thank You!


  • Brad H (Starting Over)

    "All Natural?" Marijuana is "all natural." So is cocaine. Products that are labeled as "all natural" are a scam. It’s an advertising trick to get you to buy them.

  • you might want to google rawfood.com for some info on an alternative way to eat/diet, lots of info

  • Flashflood

    If you are looking for additional nutrition direct from nature I would suggest that you try juicing. Buy a juicer (one that is easy to clean, especially the screen) and get yourself a mess of fresh vegetables and fruits and make yourself a glass every day. Same idea as V8 but with MANY more nutrients and no salt, and no additives in it. And you can make it taste however you want by what you add.
    Organic fruits and vegetables would probably be better, but a bit pricey. And some vegetables and fruits don’t need to be organic…such as bananas (the skin protects the fruit from any pesticides)

    My brother and my mother (who is in her 80s) have juiced off and on and they always feel much better when they do.

    BTW…congratulations on your weight loss so far and your determination for a healthier lifestyle!

  • kidd studd

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