Unfamiliar with natural remedies?

A fmaily member is going to a person who claims to be a doctor, but isn’t. She calls her check ups "well visits"… and when she is there she plugs the patients hand into a glove type thing and it spits out what is wrong with them… such as "you ate bad shellfish 7 years ago and the toxins are still in your body.". Can someone explain to me how this works, or even scientifically how it is possible?

I’m also looking to find natural remedies for common ailments or sicknesses.


  • artfulsouls4u

    I too am unfamiliar with this prophetic glove but I am a firm believer of quantum physics.(the science of possibilities) I know that there are some back doc’s that have you hold out your arm and then place vitamins in your palm and when you cant hold your arm up any longer then that is the amount that your body needs each day. OK but my sister swears by him. What truly matters is what the patient believes. So if your family member feels better as a result of her spitting glove well visits then Amen my friend what more can we ask for? As for natural remedies then you will have to be specific. Or just visit a health food store and do some research there is a plethora of info to ingest. Bon a patit’ and Bon chance! Mon a Me’

  • coan2007

    That sounds pretty bogus to me.

  • I am not sure about the glove thing, I have heard of a treatment kind of like that, but not to that extent. The best idea, if you are looking for an all natural type of cure, start with cleansing. I work for a Naturopathic Doctor, and this is the first thing we suggest to people. Cleansing the colon is probably the most important concern, then you should think about cleansing the liver and gall bladder. I have a blog that I have put all my cleansing experience on, you are welcome to check it out, it may help you get a better idea of what to expect.

    you can ask me questions there as well.

    Good luck to you!

  • that sound strange to me, natural remedys are normally herbal medications, chiroprator treatments, and other not traditional treatments.

  • 0carina

    This seems more like a placebo than actual treatment

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