Thyroid questions plz help!?

Im 18 so it would be odd for me to have a thyroid condition but i just got test(still waiting the results)
I have all the symthoms minus the odd skin color(tho i am super pale) and my mother had to have her thyroid out so it is in the family i have the musclue pains, neck pains and all that stuff(if you google top 10 signs of thyroid problems).
What are the chances i have a thyroid condition?
what are some treatments?


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    Thyroid problems are one of the most commons disorders affecting women today. I my self am hypothyroid and have been since i was 22 which is not far off from 18. I had all the symptoms, cold intolerance, dry itchy skin, fatigue, hair loss ect..But i just thought i was tired or had a cold. Finally after 6 months of misery i went to the doc and my TSH was sky high,lol.. I got put on synthroid and i’ve been fine since. It is very likely you could have thyroid issues since your mom does. In my family my mom has thyroid problems and my dad and both of my grandmas on both sides have/had thyroid issues as well. I just accepted it and moved on, besides thyroid medicine is cheap and easy to obtain. If they do want you to go on thyroid medicine ask about Armour Thyroid its a natural type of replacement and it’s better for your body, the only reason i dont take it is because my insurance wont pay for it. (i have a weird insurance,lol.) Good Luck!!

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about 22 or 23 and my doc told me that it’s actually very common in women that age. It’s not at all a debilitating condition if it is treated in time. Some of my symptoms was a slightly enlarged neck ( you know the area just below the adams apple) and weight gain.

    I am now on 75micrograms of thyroxine a day and I have to visit the doc every 3 months to check if that amount is sufficient. I was also told to avoid food like cabbage and cauliflour. You dont have to worry at all. Your doc will tell you what you need to do. Good luck

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