Thyroid condition????????

i went to a diet dr the other day and got a prescription for phentermine and then had my blood tooken to check my thyroid he said if anything was wrong with it i would be sent a presctiption in the mail. So he sent me ..05 which is the lowest dosage they give for a slow thyroid. The prescription is Levothyroxine. im just afriad this will make me gain weight. Because thats the last thing i wanna do. any help from anyone would help


  • camberscb

    I take the same dose of the same med and I haven’t gained any weight because of it. Its a very small dose so I wouldn’t worry too much. Good luck!

  • melodicmetallove

    Having a slow thyroid could cause you to gain wait, the medicine is being used to speed that up (if I’m understanding you correctly) so really it should help, but either way you could notice some change. With that low of a dose though, it shouldn’t effect it that much.

  • Rebecca

    Levoxyl will not make you gain a considerable amount of weight. An untreated thyroid condition can cause significant weight gain.

    You should get your blood tested in about 2 months after starting the medicine. Thyroid levels can change frequently and you may not notice any changes in how you feel right away.

    Also if you have a thyroid condition I would recommend seeing an endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) since most doctors are not fully aware of how to treat and monitor a thyroid condition properly.

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