Survive in good health on superfoods?

and organic fruit/vegetables?

I am going to only eat raw/organic superfood foods. Maca powder, cacoa powder, goji berries, hemp seeds, organic fruit, organic tomatoes/cucumber/carrots, sea salt and 24 raw green superfood pills a day (or try, they taste terrible). All foods nutrient packed. I don’t know that it will be 800 or 1200 calories, but I’ll be getting calories that MATTER nutritionally, instead of empty fatty gross calories from processed foods, right?

For breakfast I had a tangerine juice, maca powder, blueberry, banana and pineapple smoothie, with a scoop of RAW Green Superfood.

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  • zeldaslexicon

    "Superfoods" is a marketing term, not an actuality. Eating only foods deemed "super" does not always equate with good health.

    Of course, most people (at least in the US) do not eat adequate amounts of fruits and veggies, so the basic premise of trying to increase the amounts of these foods is a good start. If you wish to eat only raw veggies and fruit, that is, of course, you choice. But you limit your options and if we have learned one thing about nutrition and health, it is that a VARIED diet is important. When you severely limit what you eat, you risk missing out on some great foods.

    With all due respect to supplement manufacturers (who need to earn their living just as we all do), taking pills is never superior to eating actual food. Whenever a supplement company pushes words like "superfood", "green food", "antioxidants", or my personal favorite "detoxification" at me, I know I need to be very skeptical before I plunk down my hard earned money on a bottle of pills.

    Again, choosing to spend your food dollar on supplements is always your choice. Just keep in mind that your body needs a lot of different nutrients, some of which are not always adequately supplied by a raw food diet. Such diets tend to be poor in protein, calcium, and essential fatty acids (EFA). Yes, fat is essential to good health, and it’s certainly possible to incorporate healthy fats into the diet without having to resort to any "empty fatty gross calories". Healthy fats can be found in nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil, and avacado, and hopefully you’ll find them easy to incorporate into your raw food plan. Protein sources like tofu, eggs, and cheese are great, but don’t fit into your chosen paradigm. Beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber, but need to be cooked in order for your body to deal with them. As I said, when you limit your options too much, your diet (and perhaps your overall health) may suffer.

    This is not my attempt to dissuade you from adopting a healthier diet, as that is an admirable goal. Rather, I hope you consider that it is not always necessary to go to extremes to achieve that goal. A reasoned approach is usually best.

    Good luck to you.

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