• victory

    Aloe Vera juice: the more natural the better. Try your local health store. If this is an ongoing problem it could be too much acid in your stomach. A natural remedy for this would be to increase your intake of natural enzymes which break down your food. Cooked and proccessed foods lack these and so too much of them don’t do you to much good. Eat lots of fresh fruits/veggies nuts seads etc.

  • itsmeee2006

    Soap enema?

  • shoppingcartgirl

    Peppermint tea…

  • flamingojohn

    Sip Sprite or 7up

  • rlauxter

    mint can help with stomach aches

  • niclovesjeremy

    try sucking on peppermint (candy/breathmint). .. or saltine crackers

  • Send Me To Germany

    chronic is by far the best for stomach ailments

  • chihuahua momma

    Some of what is listed is good. You may just need to go to the bathroom. In which case cranberry juice works great for a lot of people, and doesn’t taste too bad either.

  • I agree with the peppermint idea,i myself feel much better after it.

  • texansis

    crackers and glass of milk
    ginger ale
    applesauce with cinnamin
    fenel seed (chew up about 10 seeds or so)
    peppermint tea

    If you have to throw up, just make sure you brush your teeth, stomache acid is bad on teeth.

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