Pregnant with Yeast Infection! (Any Natural Remedies?)?


Does anyone know of any NATURAL REMEDIES I can do for yeast infections or any natural products I can take for one? I am pregnant and don’t want to use anything that may harm the baby. (Also, I don’t like yogurt, so please don’t suggest it!) Are garlic, echinacea, or cranberry tablets safe to use?


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  • Jennifer W

    Yogurt with acidophilus. Eat it (Yoplait Whipped is good, if you don’t usually like it) and use it plain down there. Seriously! I was told this at a health supply place and it works! (Just let it warm up first, not fridge cold!) There’s this douche-type bag you can buy to make it easier to get it in there. I know it sounds horrible, but it does work.
    Oh, and yes, those are safe to use, but cranberry only changes the ph. It might not get rid of the yeast.
    Edit – I went online and found a website that will help you alot. Please, though, be sure it’s a yeast infection first by checking with the doctor and/or taking one of those yeast tests. Sometimes it’s a bacterial infection.

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