natural remedies to decrease alcohol intake?

doing a report in school just looking for input if any one has suces stories


  • I’ve got a few ideas on how to cut back on alcohol consumption mate …….. it’s the least i can do to pass on my knowledge …… i don’t mind helping you with your homework cos i’m enlightening educating you at the same time on how to regain your health and vitality if you ever do succumb to the insidious lure of booze.

    I ditched it nearly 7 years ago ….. it nearly ditched me.

    When you quit drinking, it’s essential that you feed your body a cleansing, healthy diet that supplies the nutrients it needs to recover from the affects of alcohol abuse….. at heart, alcoholism is a sugar dependancy… so be carefull not to aid that dependency by giving the body the refined sugar it’s going to crave…. Research has shown that high carbohydrate diets loaded with junky foods tend to increase the desire for alcohol, while good nutritious whole food diets will create less desire for alcohol.. when you have a craving for alcohol try some of the following ~

    ~ Dates, will satisfy your body’s craving for something sweet;
    ~ Bananas, unsweetned fresh coconut, andRomaine lettuce are said to deter alcohol cravings too;
    ~ Celery helps balance the body’s pH balance and is thought to lessen the desire for alcohol;
    ~ Tomato juice with lemon squeezed into it is a popular folk remedy to ease the urge to drink too;
    ~ Carrot juice diluted by half with water will taste sweet enough to satisfy the body’s sugar cravings and is cleansing to the liver;
    ~ Boysenberry juice is another juice that tastes sweet and also decreased the desire for alcohol;
    ~ Fresh Cabbage juice….. cabbage contains small amounts of glutamine, which helps curb the brains craving for alcohol…. it’s aso helpful for alcoholics who have suffered liver and stomach distress…… actually, the glutamine plays a very important role in curbing the brain chatter & the inordinate desire to drink ……. ;0)

    ~ Bitter tonic waters will also help dispel the craving for alcohol……………..;0)

    Also, foods rich in Tryptophan will help relieve some symptoms of alcohol-related body-chemistry disorders and aid in control of alcoholism, induce natural sleep; reduce pain sensitivity; act as a nondrug antidepressant; alleviate migraines and aid in reducing anxiety and tension .

    Best natural food sources of Tryptophan are; cottage cheese,lean meat, fish, turkey, bananas, organic dried dates, organic peanuts and all protein rich foods.

    It’s also important to keep the body’s blood sugar level stable when trying to ditch an alcohol addiction…. eat small, frequent meals… avoid sugar, sweets, caffeine and refined carbs such as those in breads and pasta… eat plenty of vegies …. particularly leafy and green vegies, which are chock full of magnesium … magnesium is essential for healthy nerve and muscle functioning and for heart health and will help you deal with the stress of everyday living…. magnesium is known as the antistress mineral and will help resolve headaches and migraines, constipation, acid tummy, twitching and nerve cramping problems and lower back pains too …. alcoholics are usually deficient in magnesium …… also eat plenty whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal and millet and buckwheat.. drink loads of fresh filtered water too to help cleanse the body and diminish cravings…. to help detoxify the liver, add freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water.

    herbs that may be helpfull to help recuperate are ~

    Cinnamon, which is naturally sweet and thus satisfies the body’s desire for sugary stuff… it also has a calming effect on the nerves;
    Ginseng which nourishes the adrenal glands;
    Gotu kola to help detoxify the body and also has a revitalising effect on the nerves;
    Milk thistle seed capsules to help prevent and repair alcoholic induced liver disease……….. ;0)

    Take a multi B complex supplement also…. to support healthy immune, neural and digestive functioning…… great for bolstering your body to deal with life’s every day stressy situation …. Get one including all the B’s ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 andB12 and folic acid etc. as they all work best as a group. Don’t buy any of the B complex of vitamins individually but rather as a whole group, unless specifically told to do so buy a nutritionally oriented physician or naturopath.

    Blackmores do a good one …… remember that all vitamins are not the same…. seriously, some of them are just plain bed pan bullets…… ask the advice of the resident naturopath in your local health food store as to which vitamin B complex is the easiest for your body to assimilate ….. pharmaceutical grade is the best quality …. they love sharing their knowledge and don’t usually charge for off the cuff advice.

    Ensure that you stay properly hydrated too….. drink at least 2 – 3 litres of fresh filtered water on a daily basis to help detox your body and to help it operate at peak functioning levels….. you’d be amazed at how being just a little dehydrated can affect your mood and energy levels.

    Try to cut right back also on coffee, tea, sodas and soft drinks as they will all rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins and dehydrate you terribly.

    Most of all try to be nice to you and do the things that make you happy & put a smile on your dial …… that could be putting on really loud rock music and leaping wildly around your living room jammin on down on your imaginary electric guitar up on stage with all the boys in the band… hey, it works for me ……. pumps up the level of serotonin naturally in your brain and makes you feel fine……. my point here is that you need to enjoy your life …… i’ve been where you are right now….. i ditched alcohol nearly 7 years ago and it’s the best ball & chain i ever got rid of ……. all you need to do is beat this addiction one day at a time…… baby steps will move mountains mate♥

    peace baby

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    Hi, Sparky!

    Yeah. Stop drinking it!

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