natural remedies for a dry cough?

I have a had a slight sore throat off and on for about a month and in the past 2 or 3 days ive had a slight dry cough. i would cough maybe 3 times a day, today it is at its worst. It is VERY annoying and sometimes hurts a little. I have no health insurance and I am pretty much flat broke I am all bout natural healing I dont like taking medication if i dont have to. does anyone have suggestions? i have been drinking lemon tea with honey but it doesnt help much the irritation is in my upper resp. it isnt an infection i have no mucus at all.

thanks in advance! 😀
so i slept with my mouth closed and slept very well, i had tea with honey right before bed. as soon as i get up im having what feels like a cough attack! i have some mucus in my chest (very little) and a even less in my nose. no fever still and my body doesnt hurt but it feels very tired. Thanks for the great tips everyone!

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