My baby has a terrible cold/bronchiolitis??? Any natural remedies?

My poor baby has been battling a terrible cold/bronchiolitis for 4 weeks now. She has also been on a nebulizer this whole time. We’ve been using a cool mist humidifier as well. She seemed to be getting better last week, her dr said she sounded clear and said to only give her the neb when she is coughing a lot. So anyway on Friday she was running a temp of 102 so I took her to urgent care and they put her on an antibiotic. When I went to the pharmacy there were several other people there from urgent care and they were all getting the same antibiotic, my husband made a comment about them probably giving that to everybody and the pharamicst said yeah they’ve been filling prescriptions for that all day. That worries me because if it’s not bacterial there’s no point in taking the anitibiotic (not to mention they didn’t test her to see if it was viral or bacterial?!). Her immune system could become immune, then when she really needs the anitibiotic it might now work. So the whole point of this long winded story is that I want to take matters into my own hands, I need some natural remedies and some advice. Thanks!
I’m going to keep her on the antibiotic, I just want to help get the mucous out of her chest.
Listen up Gem! If you read my addtional details you would know that I have no intention of taking my daughter of the antibiotic. I post this same question in the parenting section and got a lot of useful suggestions such as sitting with her in a steamy bathroom. That’s the kind of remedies I was looking for. Maybe I should have clarified better, but you have no right to talk to anyone that way, especially a parent trying to help their child! So get off your high horse and shove it!!


  • susie

    well, first of all..a fever is good.

    It is the body’s way of fighting infections. For every degree your temperature rises, your immune system doubles in the cells like macrophages, killer t cells etc to better fight the bad guys.

    So at 99.6 your immune cells are doubled at 100.6 there are going 4 times harder than normal at 101.2 they are going 8 times harder and at 102.6 which she is at her immune system is going 16 times harder so do nothing to try to stop the fever unless it is in the 104 or 105 range.

    You are right that antibiotics do nothing for a viral infection only a bacterial one

    These herbs are useful for viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan infections: raw garlic, organic olive leaf tincture, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver.

    Of these I would think colloidal silver or olive leaf extract or maybe the grapefruit seed extract would be permissible in an infant sized dose which I will discuss below.

    If you are breastfeeding really up the garlic in your own diet to help her

    When you take her to a steamy bathroom, add eucalyptus essential oil by occasionally sprinkling it in the shower. Give her warm lemon and honey water and lots of fluids by sure they are healthy things like fresh orange juice or homemade in the juicer juices.

    There is a supertonic sold at which is said to be the cure for the common cold which you could try using clark’s rule for the right dose. Give her lemon balm tea for stress in her bottle or sippy cup.

    You might consider an herbal expectorant which makes you cough more and helps get the phlegm up..again using a safe baby dose counted in drops. go here and read what expectorants do and it also says a demolient herbs might be added

    here is a list of expectorant herbs

    of these maybe I might try fenugreek (a common kitchen herb), parsley, plaintain, wild cherry, fennel. I would not use licorice or ephedra certainly.

    Make a tea from these using bulk organic herbs if possible and distilled water (it is empty and extracts more of the potent chemicals that help)..I might make a weak tea just give her maybe a 1/8th or 1/6th of a cup (depends on her weight see Clark’s rule if the baby dose is 1/10th for instance give 1/10th of a cup which is standard adult dose I’d say) or better yet make a tincture and count the drops to the baby dose..

    here are the demulent herbs

    maybe try mullein, slippery elm, flax seed tea or check for any cautions on the herbs by googling them

    if you keep her on the antibiotic when done give her (if she is on milk acidophilus milk or yogurt to help replenish the intestinal tract of healthy bacteria which the antibiotic kills)

    check out the supertonic at by clicking on my products and then looking for the supertonic..test it first and do not exceed the baby dose…usually you take them 5 times a day in the right number of drops.

    I commend you for seeking alternative health for your daughter..all through history people used herbs and natural treatments and home remedies for their children.

    Gem is completely wrong…Dr Christopher worked with people including children and babies for many decades and only to their good and using herbs and foods.

    here is a start..generally use teas or tincture made from organic or wildcrafted bulk herbs and use clark’s rule below for dosing for an infant using the babies weight

    you might also consider buying some of his books here

    here is clark’s rule for dosing to find what your infant dose is..

    The average dose for a 150 pound adult is 60 drops of tincture (liquid extract like herbpharm brand) 3-5 times a day. So if your baby weighs 10 pounds you would give 10/150 which reducing the fraction is 1/15 so 1/15th of 60 drops is 4 drops 3-5 times a day.

    If the baby weighs 15 pounds it is 15/150 which reduced is 1/10th so 1/10 of 60 drops is 6 drops or if the child weighs 25 it is 25/150 or reduced fraction is 1/6th or 60 divided by 6 or 10 drops.

    here is more on the rule

    also see this for phlegm and bronchitis

    Cayenne is very effective for cutting the phlegm, as are fruit juices such as grapefruit, lemon, orange, or pineapple. Chickweed, comfrey, marshmallow or mullein are the greatest cleansers to get the mucus out of the body. One can relax the throat, stomach, and bronchi rapidly with a very small amount of lobelia. Other useful aids for relief are a hot vapor or steam bath followed by a cold shower or sponging; also hot fomentation of pleurisy root or mullein (with lobelia in it) on the chest and spine.

    I would not use the cayenne for an infant or even lobelia personally..try those juices though use fresh not canned if you can and only 100% might try the fomentations go to that gaines link to see what it is but it is basically dipping a cloth in the hot or in this case warm tea and wringing out and placing on the chest. Be careful baby does not get chilled.

  • sunflowers

    Babies are very tender and I would not mess around with trying to play doctor with them. Best to leave them to a doctor’s care and advice…..

  • Listen up here . You are not god, and god forbid your child dies. YOU KEEP DOING AND GIVING EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD YOU TO DO. Dont you dare stop a thing or a med without consulting with the baby’s doctor. I dont care what you hear or think or read, you can question anything you want, but dont you stop giving that baby a damn thing! A child under 3 yrs. of age needs medicine and they do not become immuned to it unless YOU abuse it. Only a doctor can tell you that. No matter what you may think. Natural remedies are dangerous for little ones.!

  • wow gem you sure are ignorant aren’t you…..natural remedies have gone back way before doctors or medicine even exsisted. Ninety percent of medicines these days are harmful to your liver and are actually causing alot of health problems…….also the drug administaration is now working with alot of food corps to gain more money….if they are drugging our foods for money, what do you think they are doing to our medicines. again, while it is true that some natural remidies too young are harmful, most of them are actually highly recomended by many doctors and books written by pediatrisions. also, if natural remidies were harmful then why are there more homeopathic doctors today…and why was an experiment for medicanal marijuana done on a four month old baby with cancer? she had a certain amount of it twice a week for about a month….serveral months later, they found zero trace of the cancer and she was cured. SO….before you judge gem maybe you should consider doing your research and if you have not had the experience of raising a baby……then you have no right to judge anyway and dont even have a clue how hard parenting really is. Grow up and read carefully before you judge and decide that someone is just gonna take thier child off of medicine when they just want to help a lil more than just that medicine

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