Lowering Cholesterol does nothing to Prevent heart Attacks

My Doctor wanted me to go on statins because my cholesterol levels were high.

I refused and each time I go to the clinic and get a blood test I am told the Doctor needs to see me.

I have done my own research and I have made a decision on my own health. That decision is that i will not take Statins.

Lowering Cholesterol Does NOTHING to Prevent Heart Attacks

Medical researchers are astounded…They can’t believe that they’ve been getting it so wrong the entire time…

Latest research proves LOWERING your cholesterol is scientifically proven to CAUSE heart attacks……read that again!

If you’ve ever wondered why no one seems able to lower cholesterol on their own – without using statin drugs?

 Sit tight and read this report…. But I should warn you:You’re not going to like it. Not one bit.

The reason your cholesterol is so high