My Cholesterol ….I wish I could lie!

If you have been following my Cholesterol story here on my blog you will know that I was diagnosed with high cholesterol some months ago and have been waiting for results from the Hospital and decided to change direction and go to the local clinic.
I got my results within a week and that’s why I wish I could lie and say my cholesterol level has dropped over the last three months but it has not.

In fact it has gone up from 7.2 to 7.6.
To say I am p………..ed off is an understatement but not being one to give up I have made a few changes.indexlady cross
First of all its important to distinguish here between the good and the bad cholesterol.

If you are not sure of the difference read my earlier article here.

So…drum roll !…here are my results.
Total Chol = 7.6- High. Any level above 6.2 is high
LDL = 4.9 – High. Any level between 4.1-4.9 is high
HDL = 1.9-Good. Any level 1.6 and above is best
Triglycerides =1.67 –desirable. Levels below 1.7 are desirable

So lets do an analysis here……

My HDL is good and the HDL removes the LDL ( the baddy) from the blood vessel walls so although my LDL is high the fact that my HDL is good is comforting.
Triglycerides are the main constituents of vegetable oil (typically more unsaturated) and animal fats (typically more saturated)
As I am not a meat eater then my result show with my low triglyceride levels which is good.
Research indicates that high triglyceride levels could multiply the bad effects of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes so in this aspect I am fine.
My HDL levels are good and that’s because I make sure that I do power walking for 50 mins at least three times a week. On the other days I am constantly up and down stairs in college and never take the lift so I get that exercise as well and some days it could be up and down 2-3 flights of stairs at least 3-4 times in a day .
If you remember from my earlier article the HDL is the lipoprotein that cleans up the bad LDL and takes it back to the liver to be reprocessed. I kind of look at HDL as the cleaner who scrubs the blood vessel walls keeping them healthy.
Ok so all so far looking good but it cannot last…now we get to the nasty ..the LDL.

This is my bug bare!!! And I am really annoyed about this level. The clinic said I need to make an appointment to see the Doctor but as you have probably guessed by now …I make my own decision on that and never bothered. …..tend to be a bit stubborn like that!
So …my next steps
Now bear in mind that my diet is already very healthy but not working the way I want it to work for lowering my level of LDL.
I am changing my breakfast to porridge…. For me that is no mean feat as I hated porridge as a kid  when my grandmother used to force me to eat it. The binding effects of the beta gluten in porridge have made me get to like it!
I am buying Krill/High grade Codliver oil from the health shop and taking two desert spoons every day
I am taking a Benecol every day
I will add flaxseed to my lunch time soup or breakfast. At least 2 dessertspoons of flaxseeds a day
My evening meal will be fish (baked or boiled) with vegetables at least 3 times a week.
My snacks will consist of walnuts or almonds and only a handful as they are high in calories.  Of course this is all the ideal and I would guess that the odd chocolate digestive biscuit may pass my way!….I am only human after all!
Ok….. that’s me sorted.
As you can probably sense I am very determined with this journey and I will be testing myself in three months time and give you an update.

If you are in the same position as me then I hope this article has helped.


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