Is there any natural remedies to fight bipolar disorders or panick atacks?

anibody knows about a natural remedies or techniches to fight a panick atack or bipolar disorders?


  • tiggywinkle

    Kava Kava is a root that I have taken, in capsule form, to help with panic attacks or anxious stress in general. It’s famous for it’s ability to calm your nerves and promote a feeling of calmness and well-being. You have to make sure to take a dosage that’s appropriate for you (I recommend asking someone who works in the supplements section of a good natural/health food store).

    Valerian root is also available in capsules, and works as a mild sedative and sleep aid. I also found this to be effective, particularly when anxiety was causing insomnia. This stuff is very stinky! I recommend keeping it in a Ziploc bag 🙂 Check this out for more info:

    Both Kava and Valerian should be used with caution if you are planning on driving. You should try taking them at a time when you do not have to drive (or watch little kids, or other important stuff like that), so you can see how much of an effect they have on you.

    Bach’s flower essence remedies makes a product called "Bach’s Rescue Remedy". I found that this stuff is awesome for bringing me down from an anxiety/panic state, but doesn’t create the somewhat altered-state that Kava and Valerian can cause.

    Good luck in your quest! I had to go through a lot of horrible experiences with prescription drugs before I discovered some more natural things that worked for me (in addition to my Rx meds). These are the ones that worked for me, and have worked for other people I have recommended them to.

  • lady_jane_az

    I’ve tried more then I’d like to admit and nothing helped me personally until i got on meds from my doc and therapy(where they teach you techniques in coping) along with those things I have also found that a good diet, being in sunlight, working out and mediation help also. try to keep in mind no matter what drug Rx or nature will never take 100% of either illness a way. try to keep an open about your options and try to find a doc and therapist that use holiest medicine as well as drugs.

  • Enduringwisdom

    1. Understand that it is biochemical. You are just a balanced person. Even emotionally. It’s all biochemicals in the brain, dude.

    2. You can influence the sequence leading up to an attack by programming yourself with positive thoughts and relaxation techniques, shutting out everything else as biochemical intruders.

    3. Do not avoid triggers, confront them and win by becoming calm again! Otherwise you’d be afraid of being afraid and that’s a catch 22 situation. Confront all your fears like you don’t give a hoot.

    4. Act as you have unshakable faith in the coolness and greatness of everything. It is the truth, my friend and it’ll grow on you after a while.

    If you succeed in getting back the control over your mind, your body fill eventually become stable again, not releasing biochemicals again in the way it used to.

    Some mental hygiene tips: Don’t take coffee, drugs or alcohol until you are in control. Eat vegetarian or just (oily)fish, it’ll reduce the stress or fear hormone levels. Sleep 8 hours straight. Get a daily rhythm and routine that will give you peace.

    Good luck!

  • Christie L

    Hello………. I have heard of and researched an organization called Truehope which boasts an 85% success rate with a natural product called Empower+ It was originally developed in Canada and it is said to be helpful with many types of disorders. My daughter is bipolar and is wanting to give it a try. I am trying to not be skeptical, because her current medications are causing her physical harm. It sounds too good to be true, but there are case studies which show dramatic results. It couldn’t hurt to just look them up. If this stuff works for my daughter, I plan on shouting it from the rooftops. Imagine if it really does work!!

  • gardensallday


    If you find yourself with more depression in the winter, use a light box (for Seasonal Affective Disorder) it helps a lot!!
    Don’t skip meals
    Join a support group & maintain contact with friends & family
    Keep a regular schedule -don’t stay up late or hang out in bed
    Ask friends & family to let you know if you seem to be having problems so you can take care of it. Believe them.

    None of these things are adequate on their own to deal with bipolar disorder. You have to take pills or you will still have a lot of symptoms that wreck relationships & keep you disabled. These methods all help a lot, though.

    Panic attacks:

    Try the stress and anxiety book – it has a lot of tips in there. Avoid caffeine. *Turn up the heat in the house** (don’t laugh, it really really helps to decrease anxiety. I found that putting on a sweatshirt and cranking the heat to 74F was really really helpful). This one tip is the best one I can ever give about anxiety. Try guided imagery/progressive muscle relaxation.

  • Sarah H


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