is there a spell or natural remedy to get rid of schizophrenia?

my brother has schizophrenia very bad. he has been in out of mental hospitals and they have not helped. he has problems with medications he says he feels hollow when taken them and has no thoughts what so ever. i am desperate and willing to try anything. his faith is Wicca please help


  • Tony I

    I am not sure you will find a spell or single natural remedy that will get rid of schizophrenia, but don’t let anyone tell you that it is absolutley incurable. If that is true, how does one explain those people who once had schizophrenia but now no longer have it? Do a search for "schizophrenia cured" and you will find numerous reports of people getting over schizophrenia.

    Just because mainstream medicine has not found an answer for something does not mean there is no answer. Besides, if they had all the answers, why do they continue to do all their research?

    There are three schools of thought on the causes of schizophrenia. One theorizes that heredity plays a big role. Another believes external factors are mostly to blame. And the third believes that nutritional deficiencies play a much larger role than is generally believed. I agree with the third school of thought, but believe the first two are likely valid as well for the causes of many instances of schizophrenia.

    Remember, the brain is an organ that must have optimum nutritition to develop and function properly the same as other organs and our bodies in general. Likewise, nutritional deficiencies can cause brain dysfunction the same as they can a host of health problems in the rest of the body. One example is magnesium, which is essential for proper brains function and many other areas of health. 90 to 95% of us are deficient in magnesium and people with schizophrenia tend to have lower levels of magnesium than the average person does. Also, the incidence of schizophrenia episodes tends to peak during cold weather months when zinc levels are lowest,

    From Phillis Balch’s Prescription for Nutritional Healing:

    "Levels of, and the balance between, the beurotransnitters dopamine, serotonin ephidrene and norephidring, and the way in which the brain responds to those substances is thought to play a profound role in the development of schizophrenia."

    I highly suggest you get a copy of Ms. Balch’s book – it contains a wealth of nutritional advice that may be beneficial for schizophrenia. And never give up. And remember, people HAVE beaten schizophrenia!

    All the best!

  • I don’t think there is a natural remedy or cure…There are medications that help, but they don’t really permanently fix anything

  • No, I’m afraid that those sorts of things have been tried since the beginning to time to help people with that condition, to no avail – in the end, they ended up chaining them to walls…as a people, we were very barbaric for a long time.

    I have a family member who is in the same position, and refuses medication as well for the same reasons, and I know it is heartbreaking. The best thing that you can try to do, is to not take it personally, and to not take his condition personally – and to love him despite, and because of his condition – which is difficult at times, I know.

    Hopefully, they will be able to find a medication for him that does not effect him so, so that he will take it regularly.

    Please dont neglect yourself while trying to care for your brother.

  • Pearl L

    you can only treat schizophrenia , you cant cure it, my sister has it. maybe he should switch psychiatrists, someone else might be able to help him better

  • William T

    You cannot cure schizophrenia, only treat the symptoms and this cannot be done with natural remedies. Stick with the mental hospitals and work with the psychologists, this is all you can do really. Best of luck to you.

  • Paradise Regained;_ylt=Av0PR2ZBPb0lqMFoMzSQ4czty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091121114156AAcJu6m&show=7#profile-info-AA10685731

    The violet flame used as a mantra got me out of a heavy psychosis.. I don’t know how it worked, but it did.. I said I am a being of violet fire I am the purity God desires over and over..Now I use I am the violet fire, in action in me now, I am the violet fire to light alone I bow..

    A tachyon treatment really helped me and I use a lot of tachyon around..

    Maybe he never tried a low dose of the meds.. I got cisordinol 2mg from my GP and if they had known all my symptoms they would have given me a much higher dosis.. Taking less may be better then not taking them at all (get a pillcutter..or say you wanna try a different med/lower dose, they basically let me take my pick out of the list and used kinesology to pick..hey, at least I took some..and they did not mind which one I took, It’s all a guess anyway)

    Kinesology (o-ring testing) appears to lead me to what works.. Doctors, (energy)healers supplements.. Develop some sort of intuition like that..

    The traditional master symbol should be hanging in all of the mental hospitals,, Meditate with it, place it in your crown..

    Read my other post.. You can always e-mail me..


    PS Impossible is nothing and I will CURE this thing, if it is the last thing I do..

  • irenaaneri1980

    Im really sorry about your brothers situation.
    To be honest i dont believe in spells etc but i also am appalled at the way that Schizophrenia is "treated" by "western" psychiatrists.
    Occasionally there are some responsible psychiatrists that might prescribe someone a relatively low dose of antipsychotics-for example up to 5mg of Risperidone and this can be effective for some people to stop/dampen their symptoms but where they can still function.
    However,in many other cases psychiatrist are prescribing people unbelievably high doses of antipsychotics and it makes the patients just sit there medicated up to their eyeballs like a zombie and stare at the walls,have dead looks on their faces,not be able to move,not be able to function,have no expression,lifeless eyes etc-it truly is heartbreaking and this is what those types of psychiatrists call treatment!They actually consider it a good thing & treatment that the person is there sedated & zombie like that because they believe that schizophrenia cant be cured/symptoms stop so they just focus on sedation so if the patient is medicated enough and becomes totally sedated & cant function they then consider that the treatment is going according to plan!
    Oh my gosh this gets me angry.I’m pretty level headed about most topics but the sub-humane treatment of these already vulnerable people really gets me mad and i consider it criminal.
    Not to mention the abuse that they often suffer by being treated as incapable children/retards/subhuman,being involuntarily confined,sometimes having no opinion in regards to their treatment options or noone listening to them etc,some psychs with their own issues trying to control them etc.People need to start taking more interest in the rights of people with mental illnesses.There is a lot of talk about gay rights,dont discrimate against gays & transvestites etc but if you look at the big picture homosexuals & transvestites have a lot larger rights & treatment then people with schizophrenia.In some Universities some even are demanding that the Universities health Insurance covers sex change operations.
    Im digressing sorry.

    As you might know,there is no known cause of Schizophrenia.Schizophrenia’s would actually be more accurate because it isnt one "entity" one disease process but they have thrown alot of different disease processes into one group and labelled it Schizophrenia.
    There are a lot of theories but very little solid evidence.You’ve probably heard people say that Schizophrenia is caused by an imbalance in the dopamine system in the brain however this is incorrect.This is just a theory not fact,although the most popular/well spread theory these days so people confuse well heard/spread with actual fact/truth.
    There are also other theories like the methylation theory,endocrine theory,glutamate theory,developmental theory,vascular theory,nutrient theory and others.Part of the reason why i think there is so much confusion,many theories and little fact is because we are looking at a number of "diseases" & disease processes and not just one,however when a person goes to a psychiatrist with psychotic type symptoms they are "diagnosed" off the very dubious & contraversial DSM as having schizophrenia purely using a nonobjective,nonscientific testing based method:ie by purely subjective means.Rarely are the psychiatrists referring the patients to first get extensive diagnostic testing to rule out if theres an organic(medical) cause of the psychosis symptoms so then when a scientific study is then done & they enroll people *diagnosed* with having Schizophrenia the studies turn out inconclusive & contradicting each other because you dont even know if the people that have been included in the study have schizophrenia in the first place or psychosis caused by an underlying medical problem or other so the people in the study could have all different disease-processes with just similar symptoms but the researchers doing the study assume that they all have the same because they were all "diagnosed’ with schizophrenia however without objective,scientific testing you can never have a true diagnosis,just a bunch of symptoms that sound similar.

    So it would be a good idea for your brother to get checked for medical illnesses that can cause psychosis.
    Some examples include Celiacs,TLE,Huntington’s chorea,HIV,Wilsons Disease,Lead,mercury, Wernickes-Korsakoff’s syndrome ,MS,Neurosyphillis,brain tumors and abscesses,porphyria, lupus,Cushings syndrome,Hepatic Encephalopathy, vit B deficiency,Zinc deficiencies.Theres other things i cant think of too.
    Also there are some other things too if your brother if over approx 50+.

    Does your brother have any physical symptoms that you know of?

    If organic(medical) causes(that you know of) end up being ruled out then maybe your brother & yourself could consider seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner if he’s willing.Please dont just see anyone local from y

  • janie

    I do perhaps have some hope for you.

    Having a relative who I love dearly with this illness, I know the dangers of the drugs, but at the same time he is so much worst without them and once they go off their meds again , often it is very difficult to get them back on them as they do not realize how they are. I know many go off the meds due to the severe side effects. My brother has been doing very well on clozaril compared to the older drugs, but they make him sleep 15 hours and have side effects that can become even worst.

    I am afraid to advise him to go off them as I well remember how bad it was when he was off them and relapsed. My brother who lives with his family with the ill relatives once got very angry when I once mentioned the bad effects they cause in the future and my brother said I better never mention it again as he also remembers how hard it was to get the person with schizophrenia back to a more normal existence and is afraid of what might happen if he stops the meds. It is a difficult illness and line.

    you might want to consider gradually weaning down while trying these alternative health ideas, rather than stopping them cold turkey, but I am not sure how Dr Christopher handled it, he may have stopped the drugs and started the herbal tinctures. He is one of the top healers I know and I do trust him but then again the disease itself is very awful, the drugs are not perfect and everything is chancy.

    I posted the help here

    and here

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