• fretochose

    thrush is usually candida
    the natural enemy of candida is L. acidophilus. get some from the refrigerated section at a health food store. it cannot arm your son.
    cut out the sugars and for a short time decrease dairy products

  • John D

    Never heard of thrush

  • Miss MC

    what is that?

  • orange sky

    old remedies like buttermilk, or catnip tea!!

  • evirustheslaye

    hmmm thrush is basically a fungal infection, completely natural but not vary helpful to higher lifeforms like humans(a natural solution would be to leave it be and let it spread, after all, its a part of nature)

    on a more serious note, either your kid is "reinfecting" himself, like a toy or some food in the house that contains it. or the drug simply isn’t toxic enough to the fungus, go to the doctor and tell them it doesn’t work, your doctor should be able to give you something else which might work. don’t get hung up on the "is it natural?" question, such a distinction is useless and has no baring on the safety of the treatment.

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    Pure, organic coconut oil does absolute wonders. NO side effects, and it is good for you.
    Good luck to you and your son.

  • Nicolus

    There are effective natural cures for yeast infections available that can help to soothe the discomfort and frustration of a yeast infection and other symtoms of thrush, resolving the infection without the use of prescriptions and OTC drugs. They contain ingredients such as Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon grass), Calendula officinalis, and Tabebuia impetiginosa (Pau d’arco bark). All have antibacterial and antifungal properties that effectively remove toxins and help to support the overall natural maintenance systems in the body.

    Apart from treating the fungal overgrowth itself, herbal remedies can also help to improve immune system strength, thereby helping to protect the body against future attacks.

    You may get more info here http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/remedies/t/thrush.htm

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