I'm sick. Could this be a thyroid condition?

These are my symptoms

• Joint/muscle aches
• Always tired, even after just waking up
• Aches every morning
• Sluggish feeling, lack of motivation
• Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
• Swollen hands and feet
• weight gain without change of dietery habits
• craving sweets and carbs more than usual
• getting sick more often/ recurrent sinus infection
• takes longer to get better after being sick
• swollen stomach, even without eating
• dry brittle hair; falls out easy
• Difficult/impossible to lose weight
• Mood changes: depression, anxiety
• Sensitive to weather; always cold
• Inconsistent digestion; diarrhea & constipation
• full or sensitive feeling in the neck
• irritable
• Dry Skin
• eyes give me headaches
• vertical ridges on nails

My blood tests for thyroid came back as TSH= 2.22 and T4= 0.9
My doctor said that that was normal.
What’s wrong with me?

Additional Details
I’m 20 years old.
I gained about 40 lbs in the last year.
I was 175, now I’m about 215.
Over the summer I went on a b12 diet and went from 205 until I plateau’d at 190.
I’m a college student in FL.
My sink water often has a high concentration of chlorine, and my allergies have been acting up more since early october.
For years I’ve been having this tired feeling but over the past few months its been getting worse. Every afternoon I crash and cannot stay awake; sometimes, my 5-minute drive home from school seems almost impossible. The vertical ridges in my nails have been present for years, but the hair issues have been gradually developing over the past 6-8months. THe depression has kicked in a lot over the past month, probably due to the weight gain. I’ve had cold hands and feet as long as I can remember, but recently I’ve been getting really cold, especially when I sleep, and often have to use extra covers.


  • Angelbunny17

    Hello. You can have a normal thyroid test, and still be Hypo. The other person that answered ( who says he’s a doctor ) is dead wrong. Thyroid levels can change from day to day, even from hour to hour. meaning one day your levels can be normal, and the next day they can be high. It’s always good to get tested again, even if your levels look good. You also need a TSH, T3, T4, and an Antibody test done to get the whole picture. With all those symptoms, there is definitely something very wrong. I have hypothyroidism, and i have very one of your symptoms. Doctors always try to blame everything on depression, or some other ridiculous reason, so it’s important to find a doctor that will listen to you, and doesn’t just try to blow you off. I haven’t gained any weight, and i suffer from horrible depression ( which i never had until i got thyroid disease ). Get retested, and get another opinion. My bet is that you DO have a thyroid problem. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon. Take care 🙂

  • Dr Zeeshan Ahmad Chattha

    Hello Mary !
    your symptoms do point towards, hypothyroidism. But if your thyroid functions have come out to be normal, then you should be evaluated for depression, as this also has many of the above mentioned symptoms. Weight gain could also be due to genetic predisposition or changes in lifestyle.
    Also get your hepatitis profile done, and rule out hepatitis.
    You can also consult an Endocrinologist, because there are rare diseases of thyroid that cannot be diagnosed with routine tests, so for them some special tests are required. Endocrinologist can advise you better.

    Feel free to ask if you have any further querry.

    Dr. Zeeshan Chattha.

  • Angela

    i have an under-active thyroid and a lot of the symptoms are on your list you need to go to the doctors as thyroid conditions can only be diagnosed by your blood so tell the doctors all the symptoms i take thyroxine i have tom take them for the rest of my life ! you need to put an appointment on asap

  • kathsps

    Have them retest your thyroid level, but also tell them to test for autoimmune diseases. You could have Hashimotos disease, which is a thyroid condition. My thyroid tested off, so she retested me for both. The thyroid tested ok, but I came up as having Hashimoto’s disease. It is a separate test from just the normal thyroid test.

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