How To Get Rid of Eczema & Scars: Impatient Dieter New Effing Eczema Scar Series

This video must be viewed on my blog: My Treatment Plan DMSO, MSM, Visualization, Subliminal Messages –60/40 Distilled Water/DMSO –100% Pure Liquid MSM –MSM Lotion –Morning Visualization & AH Meditation –Attract Health Subliminal Messages Results: Rapid Eczema Healing & Scar Diminishing Impatient Dieter New Effing Eczema Scar Series – How To Get Rid of Eczema & Scars how to get rid of scars, how to get rid of eczema, impatientdieter, impatient dieter, msm for scars, dmso for scars, visualization, ah meditation, subliminal messages, healthy skin, eczema, eczema treatment, scar treatment, liquid diet, diet before and after, scar before and after


  • spareld

    aww i’m sorry that happen to you…damn eczema!!!!

  • 30Chicali

    Glad to see you back, you’re an inpiration!!! Whish you the best!

  • blkrican2009

    Hey!!! You will be soooooo mad at me! lol, I gained like 10 lbs back but I already have my wonderslim. I’m starting Tuesday on my diet but I look forward to your new videos. We all miss u


    new mom?

  • Dismamisupadupaphly

    well well well lady finally your back!!!! im not feeling this come back i love your videos i think ive watched every1 😉


    cant wait!!!… have you tried coconut oil on your eczema? i think it might be the end all, cure all!!

  • zjaz10

    Can you also please discuss cellulite and how you keep them at bay. Thanks 🙂

  • katiagification

    i love u! Can’t wait for the money series!

  • kaybee456

    So sorry to hear that your Eczema came back. Good thing you caught it and got it under control quickly. Happy to see that you are back and making videos. Please make more! Best to you! KarenLovesParis

  • yahvinah1

    awww that sucks, hope the scar clears up asap!

  • anushade

    Kill the smiley bastard!!! Lol!

  • naturallycurious42


  • ST1526

    My small son has eczema I usually use whipped Shea butter with Tea Tree Oil in it. If you get a chance try it and let me know if it helps.

  • Tangie77

    You’re still beautiful no matter what!!!

  • bajestar24

    thanks for your videos

  • pinkstrawberrypuding

    Hope you get better soon!

  • 67blackgirl

    Great to see you’re back…;0)

  • kyashani

    omg your back woohoo 🙂 im soooo glad!

  • crazycurlienatural

    Looking forward to the money series! Love love love your vids.

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