How many ppl believe a thyroid condition?

can be the SOLE reason for obesity? Inspired by Isa Bella’s response.
Again I’m just asking a simple question, not insinuating anything.
@Bunny, THANK U!
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@jeebreeze, what the hell does this have to do w/ race? STFU
@Isa Bella, all i was trying to say is i have a hard time believing a thyroid problem is the SOLE reason 4 obesity. i understand there can be other problems w/ one’s health, but i tend to notice obese ppl don’t try to exercise like they should. walking is a start, but it’s not enough. STFU= shut the f.u.c.k up. it was directed at jeebreeze not u! 🙂


  • Isa Bella

    Here I am, you could have just asked me in "Additional details" in your last question.
    Anyway, sorry if I struck a nerve with you, but I really feel sorry for those people who are recommended steroids by doctors, or have a thyroid condition… Yes some may have really "let themselves go, and live unhealthy underactvie lives, and poor diet. Yes some are guilty, but not all… ok?

    Let me explain….
    For many years, someone complaining about being overweight because of ‘a thyroid problem’ was usually greeted with the roll of eyes by others who presumed they were making excuses for their over indulgences when eating and laziness when it comes to exercise.

    Thankfully, doctors and the public have become a little more sympathetic and aware of the impact on weight that having an under active thyroid can have.

    An under active thyroid, otherwise known as Hypothyroidism, is something that you could have without knowing about it, especially during the early stages. Its symptoms include chronic exhaustion, dry, flaky skin, hair breakage and hair loss, brittle nails, foggy brain, poor concentration, infertility and depression and most of all OBESITY. Not a pleasant state of affairs.

    Many people don’t know much about the thyroid but its role in helping our bodies to function properly is major.

    The thyroid is a gland which sits in front of your larynx in your throat and is responsible for regulating your body’s metabolism and controlling how quickly reactions in your body take place. So, small as it is, the thyroid is responsible for how efficiently your body burns fat and for how much you weigh.

    When your thyroid stops functioning efficiently, your metabolism slows down, the weight gain begins and the other symptoms of hypothyroidism start to reveal themselves. It’s estimated that 20 million Americans and 4 million Britons suffer from a thyroid disorder and there are many more who don’t know yet that they have the disorder.

    Hope you understand now… no hard feelings, just know that some obese girls are trying to lose weight, already feel low, look at slim girls as goddesses and sometimes it isn’t really their entire fault..

    Take care Kriste

  • мімі ♥'ς нεг ςмεχу вεαг

    there are such thing as thyroid conditions and a lot of people have problems with their thyroids

    go google it

  • Indycar Girl is in love

    wow do you hate obese people or something? I doubt thyroid problems are linked to obesity.

  • BuNNy

    Ive worked in an endocrinologist office and yes, overactive thyroid can cause obesity if the person doesnt eat right and exercise.

  • Cellar Door

    I call bullsh*t. My sister in law has a thyroid condition (that she takes daily medication for) and she weighs 100lbs.

    @Šωєєт Šєρρυкυ™: I really have no clue

  • salsburymae

    Doctors say thyroid conditions usually only account for maybe 5% of people’s weight and threat of obesity. Other links such as family DNA, are about the same. The rest is lifestyle choices.

  • Neo Draven

    Less than a millionth of the people in this world could claim that they are fat because of a glandular or thyroid problem.

    If there were a verifiable way for a person to become obese without overeating, it would have been medically proven, and the condition would be at least represented in all nations.

    I have never seen an Ethiopian with a thyroid problem.

    I have never seen a single obese person who was dirt poor, unless they were one of those ghetto single mothers who stays perpetually pregnant so she can keep bilking the system for food stamps and welfare.

    If obesity was a chemical condition, then you’d find obesity even in areas of the world that were suffering from famine.

    Fat people are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little, period. There is no other excuse.

    I DO outright hate fat and obese people, unapologetically. No other group of people (except Christians) are damaging the world as badly as a fatty. Global warming, more fuel costs, more material costs, more healthcare costs… fat people are the world’s worst people, hands down.

    EDIT – Kristi, I removed all my blocks yesterday. You obviously posted that before even checking to see if you were still blocked.

    EDIT 2 – Okay, people. What are you offended by now? The fat thing or the anti-Christian thing?

  • Šωєєт Šєρρυкυ™ (切腹)

    Hypothyroidism is a nightmare, it’s difficult to eat correctly and stay in shape when your hormones all all screwed up causing you to feel fatigued and hungry constantly. And meds aren’t always the answer, some people live with the disease forever without finding the right cocktail of meds.
    You should be grateful that you don’t have it. If you’re so concerned about obese people then volunteer at a Boys and Girls club conducting a fitness class aid in teaching children healthy habits before they become adults, if you’re not going to be proactive then stop moaning, Live and let live.
    @ Cellar Door- do you know if your SIL has HYPO or HYPER Thyroid, HYPER thyroidism is linked to weight loss, it is hard to gain weight with hyperthyroid.

  • JohnnyT

    I have a hypoactive thyroid (take synthroid replacement thyroid hormone daily) and experience every typical symptom EXCEPT obesity. Go figure.

  • Crystal♥of♥Iris

    It’s possible. There is a condition of the thyroid known as ‘hypothyroidism.’ Which is when your thyroid can not produce a sufficient amount of thyroid hormones. This can effect your metabolism, causing the person with the condition to gain weight (and very hard to lose, thus can contribute to obesity.) It’s not the sole reason, but CAN be a reason why some individuals are obese.

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