How many ppl believe a thyroid condition?

can be the SOLE reason for obesity? Inspired by Isa Bella’s response.
Again I’m just asking a simple question, not insinuating anything.
@Bunny, THANK U!
@Neo, don’t answer any of my questions unless u unblock me!!!
@jeebreeze, what the hell does this have to do w/ race? STFU
@Isa Bella, all i was trying to say is i have a hard time believing a thyroid problem is the SOLE reason 4 obesity. i understand there can be other problems w/ one’s health, but i tend to notice obese ppl don’t try to exercise like they should. walking is a start, but it’s not enough. STFU= shut the f.u.c.k up. it was directed at jeebreeze not u! 🙂

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