does thyroid disease have any affect on hcg production when pregnant?

i know that during the first trimester, your hcg levels lower your tsh (thyroid) levels…but i am wondering if the fact that i have thyroid disease will cause a slower production of hcg (pregnancy hormone). where it may not be detectable until later than 5 weeks. i’ve used hpt’s and had a blood test done at what would be 5 weeks…a few days later i got a very very very faint positive line on an hpt…but it was definately blue. i would be 6 weeks now and i am only hanging onto this because i have EVERY possible pregnancy symptom and had spotting (not at all like a period, as it had more clear mucus in it than anything and was very pale pink/tan in color). i also have very viseable blue veins for the past week all over my chest and breasts/nipples, and on the rest of my body (thighs especially…they are much more viseable than usual). i know my body and i just feel pregnant as i already have two children and know what pregnancy feels like~just cannot explain the hcg levels.

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