How does our Mental Health System work? – ALBERTA SPECIFIC?

Im going through a.. dark time in my life. And I’d like to know whats going to happen if I approach the health authorities?
If I let the system know I have issues, and let them ‘diagnose me’, will it follow me through my life? For example should I get a government job such would it pop up in their review? If my next employer asks for the abstract, police info, ext. will they see those kind of medical stats???
I want to see a therapist but I dont have alot of money. I KNOW it would be good to put out some of whats on my mind but its just So crazy stuff. I honestly need the therapist from sopranoes.
Is that included in our health system or will they just write me a perscription? Have any of you had success or history with our mental health system?

Thankyou for any advise,
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  • Mysterious MUSE

    No our mental health system is severely lacking and for that reason I took a special class and I am now a peer support mental health counselor. I took this course because I offer free online mental health counseling for depressed souls who cannot afford to seek therapy for financial reasons of the fear of being labeled by society. Things are getting better than they used to be but we are still in the dark ages for treating mental health issues.

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