How does our Mental Health System work? – ALBERTA SPECIFIC?

Im going through a.. dark time in my life. And I’d like to know whats going to happen if I approach the health authorities?
If I let the system know I have issues, and let them ‘diagnose me’, will it follow me through my life? For example should I get a government job such would it pop up in their review? If my next employer asks for the abstract, police info, ext. will they see those kind of medical stats???
I want to see a therapist but I dont have alot of money. I KNOW it would be good to put out some of whats on my mind but its just So crazy stuff. I honestly need the therapist from sopranoes.
Is that included in our health system or will they just write me a perscription? Have any of you had success or history with our mental health system?

Thankyou for any advise,
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