High Cholesterol question…?

We found out about a month ago that my dad had high cholesterol. He’s never been one to take care of his eating habits, so I wasn’t really surprised to hear it. The doctor put him on meds right away which kind of made me a little upset ’cause he never exhausted the option of a good diet. I went with my dad today for a follow-up and I discussed diet with the doctor and he had this to say:
1. diet has VERY LITTLE to do with cholesterol and getting rid of it, it’s ALL ABOUT GENETICS –does that make any sense??? I thought it was an absolutely rediculous comment
2. I then asked him about carbohydrates."what about carbs? what should his daily intake be of it?" his answer was "i’m not worryng about carbs for him because he’s not diabetic" i replied "so he can eat carbs everyday without it having any type of effect on him?" he replied "nope, nothing" i replied "but my father doesn’t exercise" he replied "oh right…he needs to exercise then" and that was that!
Am i missing something here??

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