health,mtastastasized colon to lung ?

the difference between lung cancer and metastasized(secondary) lung cancer,got from colon?



    Primary lung cancer will arise from lung tissue.
    It is generally small cell or non small cell carcinoma.
    Secondary or metastatic cancer in lung will come by blood flow to lung from primary site of origin.
    As you said ,colon cancer may go to lung and will manifest as secondary lung ca.after biopsy which will be characteristic of colon ca.that is adenocarcinoma.

  • Denisedds

    They are two completely different diseases. They are treated differently. The prognosis and outcomes are different.
    I’m not sure where the term secondary cancer came from. It is not lung cancer at all it is colon cancer and it is not likely a biopsy was done. If one was done it would look just like the tumor that was removed from your colon.

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