health questions about colon cleansing and acai berry?

i am about 5 feet 2 inches and weight about 126 pounds
My weight is ditributed mostly in my hips and my breasts so i dont really look overweight i am just curvy and big breasted
i have a little stomach fat but not enough to bother me
i enjoy staying active i play sports and do things outside like ride a bike but only exercise to exercise sporadically or start and never continue for more than maybe 2 weeks
i am not a picky eater and eat what i want but its mostly healthy and blanaced i have tried losing weight and i have slimmed down a little but never gotten to a point that was really dramatic or stayed there for a while
my goal is to be about 110 and my doctor says that would be a nice weight for my height so i would love to lose about 15 pounds
i just read and watched news clips all about colon cleansing and acia berry and read this womans story about how she used both pills and lost 41 pounds in 2 months
aside from losign weight i thing detoxing our bodies is a helthy thing to do and the weight loss would be a plus but i know ppl use them who want to lose a ton of weight from a pregnancy or soemthing
i was wondering if i could do the same thing but in smaller doses and how i would calculate it please help
doctors reccomendations would be appreciated also
i have heard about this new free trial
but is it so new that i have to use this?
or can i still buy it otc


  • Joy S

    colon cleanses that promise weight loss are not going to be actual or permanent weight loss and will not change the outer shape of your body. A colon cleanse just empties out your bowels of the pounds of feces that are stuck up in there. You have to do a colon cleanse before you have some surgeries and a colonoscopy or sphigmoidoscopy. On a scale you will actually weight less but in reality you wll have lost no fat.

    The acai berry is just another diet fad.

    I would say that your weight and shape are just fine and it would be much healthier to stay where and how you are than to get caught up in the current obsession with weight and body image that can lead to anxiety and depression and even eating disorders.


    You are just fine. Try to avoid eating processed foods. You will lose the extra weight.

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