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This is my “before”. At my heaviest; 202 pounds. Eating cookie dough, Doritos & soda were a normal meal. Sweat pants and baggy t-shirts were my daily outfits to hide in.

Look, I’m not here to give you a crazy sales pitch and make all sorts of false claims. This isn’t hype. It’s real food and real results

Congratulations, you NORMAL are like most women I’ve met. The good news is that you are not alone and I am here to help you. I felt fat, disgusting, embarrassed about my body and never wanted to get out of the house. I was tired, suffered severe stomach issues, anxiety, depression, very low self esteem and had no energy for life. I was a single mom, chasing kids, working 2 jobs and was ready to give up. I couldn’t imagine wearing a swimsuit, shorts or anything tight and revealing.

Physically I was still tired all of the time and my body didn’t feel healthy inside. My stomach issues persisted. My body wasn’t happy. I was stuck in the “old school” mentality of just counting calories. I still have some of my old food journals from 2009 and it’s so obvious now why I wasn’t seeing results. Even though I thought restrictive dieting was the answer, my body was still not looking or performing at its best. Not to mention, I was never consistent. I’d deprive myself on a lower calorie diet to then only binge or give up completely because counting calories was way to challenging.

My idea of eating healthy was extreme calorie restriction, low fat packaged foods, fat-free everything and I’d go days on end without eating a real fruit or vegetable. Not to mention I indulged in 1- 2 glasses of wine nightly.

After the birth of my 2 oldest children I started exercising & managed to lose some weight, but still felt miserable. I didn’t eat as healthy as I knew I should. I had my 3rd child in 2006 & then really immersed myself in everything & anything fitness, nutrition & self-improvement. That’s when things started to change!

In January 2010 I braved the camera in my bikini and started a journey that would change my life. It had forever been a dream of mine to walk on stage at a bodybuilding show as a figure athlete.

I started my education through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition a short month after I started my first contest preparation. I couldn’t believe how much food impacted not only how I felt on the inside but my energy, vitality and moods.

I started eating nutritious whole foods, removed the alcohol from my diet, ditched the excessive sugary junk and packaged foods.

There is no magic pill, gadget, gizmo, crash diet or special exercise that will get you long lasting results.

It was like a HUGE light bulb went off in my head AND my body. WOW, I FEEL…