Favorite Acne Cleansers & Masks

First black head was in fifth grade. First major break out was when I was 13, dermatologist at 14 and switched to three other ones. I have done restylane shots for deep scars, cortizone shots every time a cystic acne got too big. Went on Accutane once when I was 17 and again at 20. Have gone through microdermabrasion, acid peels, derma rolling and almost every topical prescribed by the dermatologist. ProActiv didn’t do much, and Clinique Acne 3 Step system sucked balls. Products: YesTo Tomatoes: Target Michael Todd Charcoal Face Wash: goo.gl Micahel Todd Pumpkin Mask: goo.gl Cetaphil: Wal-Mart Liole Pore Opening Gel: HK ColourMix Queen Helena Mint Julep Mask: Wal-Mart My Blog: goo.gl Audio file(s) provided by www.audiomicro.com Instagram SLOABN Twitter: goo.gl Vlog Channel: goo.gl Gelato’s (pet bunny) Channel: goo.gl Facebook Fan Page: goo.gl Facebook Group: goo.gl Got left over craft items? Send them here. KL Cao PO Box 66154

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