• yes, his coat and skin were affected. since he has been on his meds he looks better. lots of funny? answers. our dog was really diagnosed with a thyroid problem identified through blood tests, it took about three months to get his endocrine system regulated.

  • judy "ORIGINAL"


  • She might.She’s a tank of a girl.

  • my_blue_eyes

    no but I think my cat might…. hmmm next time I take her to the vet I will ask!

  • lizzy

    no.. but he sure does have a farting problem.. O.O

  • kaytee576

    No I dont think they do, I hope yours is OK.
    theres some interesting sites xxx

  • metoo

    but they sure come up with some fantastic new stuff every year…sometimes I wonder if it is real or just payments on the BMW

  • I don’t have a dog but… another Y!/A member tried to copy your avatar (she don’t look half as good as you).

  • badboybilzer

    misanthropic and misgynist
    excellent queston for the bbtol

  • Dashing Geek sez Yams!

    If by "dog" you mean "Geek" and if by "thyroid condition" you mean "sweater vest made from yams" then, why, yes, I do.

  • jose j


  • Maurice Chavez


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