• Organic Mommy

    My mother in law is a natural health consultant and years ago taught me the following tricks which I SWEAR BY!

    Drink lemon water. It helps balance your PH. When your PH is balanced it is much harder for any unwanted organism to thrive. Just squeeze a quarter of a lemon into a glass of water and toss in the peel. It’s very tasty actually.

    Mix a solution of half water half apple cider vinegar (or whatever ratio you can tolerate) and gargle it three times, spitting it out the first two times and swallowing the third time. This helps correct the PH specifically in the throat.

    Also just drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar helps PH.

    Garlic is a proven natural antibacterial. Just peel a small clove and suck it like a lozenge. No need to bite it, though you can, sometimes that spicy sting is comforting because it slightly numbs the mouth.
    Just suck garlic all day or long as you can. It really works!

    Feel better soon.

  • lemons

    I can really sympathize with you. Colds are really nasty stuff. Well, one famous remedy is drinking warm chicken soup. Although scientific research does not prove the significance of chicken soup in curing colds, scientists do agree that the ingredients in the soup contain anti-inflammatorys (good for you). Secondly, some soup ingredients temporarily speed up the movement of mucus through the nose, helping relieve congestion and limiting the amount of time viruses are in contact with the nose lining. For sore throat relief, the only thing I can think of is gurgling salt water. Pour yourself a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon or so of salt. Gurggle in your mouth several times and it will soothe your throat. Also, for general combating of colds, use a humidifier. Cold viruses thrive in dry conditions. I hope all these suggestions helped. Hope you feel better!

  • Doctrine Man

    Garlic, Colloidal silver, zinc, Vit. C and Astra 8.

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