DIY Acne Treatment – Can be Worn Under Make-Up



  • hayes1493

    What would you recommend for post acne marks?

  • mbb03f

    I dont know. No one really knows only after research has been done and tested. Home remedies are cheaper than buying products but, need to try them more. I guess some things are genetic and only medication can attempt to lessen the problem. Issues with out skin are genetic and hormonal. I still have not found a good bc for my skin and it sucks.

  • mbb03f

    I think only a derm can tell you what to put on your face. However there are always these tricks that may help..idk.

  • tishadcfc


  • amrita0286

    Hydrogen peroxide was debated a lot not really as much for acne as it was because people were using it all over the face for skin whitening, which is a big no no. Like Farah said, it does dye hair and if applied on areas other than acne spots, it’s not good for the skin. You just have to use a small amount and also not very concentrated. I hope this helps you out. I’m in my final year of med school.

  • sylvita23favorites

    @haili Hey girly so i had that problem for the longest time…i went to a doctor and i told him how i tried dandruff shampoo and oils so he recommended T/Gel® Therapeutic Shampoo – Original Formula and i tried it and it does smell stinky but i only wash my hair with it like once a week and the itch and my dry scalp is gone 🙂 hope it helps you 😉

  • Karen Lourenco


  • Gelibeanx94

    Hey guys i’m new to YouTube could you check out my cute tutorials!? 🙂

  • wolfgirl723

    You’re so Beautiful!

  • MsCerise007

    As I said before it takes longer for a wound to heal & the bubblling action not only eats the bacteria but it eats the surounding skin cells which takes longer to heal & you are at risk for more infection. If you are in medical school you should already know this. A better thing to put on your face to dry up pimples & heal them is rubbing alcohol.

  • Zoreensdesigns

    Farah…I am your brand new subscriber! You make wonderful videos full of knowledge so thank you for doing that.

    I just joined YouTube and looking forward to interacting with more wonderful beauty gurus like yourself. Thank you again!

    People…I just posted a room tour video with LOTS of DIY ideas. Please check it out! Thank you!

  • 0526marce

    Can I use this treatment everyday???

  • kammyoncam

    im having the same problem, omg.

  • indianglamprincess

    Good to see that you are back, Farah!! I love watching your videos! I was almost scared that you were gone! I think you are beautiful, and strong, and your videos are AWESOME! xoxo

  • Hkluv619

    Hi farah! Can you please do a video on how to get rid of acne scars. Thanks! Love all your skincare tips

  • bumblebee10310

    She already did one. “How to remove dark spots/acne scars”.

  • cyberchatni

    Please do a updated skin care <3

  • Michelle Bell

    Never thought of using tea tree oil for the skin. I will definitely try this out.

  • xoXNeOnDragOnXox

    Have you tried Head & Shoulders shampoo? I use that and it gets rid of dandruff, and it makes hair really clean 🙂

  • jas9233

    Hi Farah,

    I read that hydrogen peroxide is great for acne but it’s horrible for prevening premature aging (i.e. it’s an oxidant). So how can I best use this while minimizing any premature aging effects?


  • blobbins17

    Gurrrrrlll, r u pregnant?!

  • iamnotauser93

    Tea tree oil makes Mr.break out even worse, like gives me Whitehead’s all over my forehead:(

  • Gabriella Ramirez

    how tall r u ?

  • kooltasha23

    I recently got a really bad chemical burn on my face and was wondering if you know of anything that I could use to heal my skin?

  • grinnabee

    go to new directions aromatics…they have the 3.3oz tea tree oil for $12.00

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