Death by Modern Medicine

Because of my background in Biology and medical science and also my years working in the medical Industry I tend to have a very analytical approach to most so called “Drug Solutions”to many of the diseases out there. I try to do as much research as possible and come to my own conclusions.
The evidence I have seen over the years has conclusively lead me to alternative medicine as solutions to many of our problems.
Now with increasing research and new findings in medicine there is a universal rise in the Western nations of alternative medicine. Of course in the Eastern part of the world, namely the Orient, some forms of alternative medicine has been practiced for many centuries. Part of this trend in the West may be due to the growth of medical education among people and the increased amount of travel to different regions. More literature is now available on this subject online and medical societies specializing in different forms of alternative medicine are available.
Some of the most common forms of alternate medicine that you may be familiar with are –



Naturopathic medicine



I believe that If we could take advantage of modern allopathic medicine and apply natural medicine to treat and prevent chronic disease, we could start to have a top-notch health care system. Instead right now  we have a disease-case system that rates number 19 on a list of 19 modern countries….that’s bad!

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