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    Natural Teeth Whitening – Home Remedies

    There are many natural teeth whitening home remedies out there. Many of them can help you acheive a whiter smile. However, many of these natural remedies are also abrasive or acidic, and without proper usage, will damage your teeth and cause cavities.

    Baking Soda

    Baking soda is well known for its ability as a cleaning agent to get rid of stains in the home, but it can also work equally great on your teeth as well.

    Stains on your teeth occur in the filmy layer that develops from the food and beverages that you intake. The best way to get rid of this layer and remove surface stains is to brush them away. Baking soda is a gentle abrasive that can work away the filmy layer and eliminate stains.

    If you want to use baking soda to remove stains, use the following method:

    – Get your toothbrush wet.
    – Dip it into a small amount of baking soda.
    – Use a circular motion to scrub the front surfaces of your teeth for at least two minutes.
    – Rinse with clean water.

    Some people also like to blend baking soda with a few drops of white vinegar and brush with the foaming mixture, followed by whitening toothpaste. Baking soda is safe to swallow, but it is important not to use it every day or as a long term solution to whitening teeth since it is quite abrasive and can damage the enamel.

    Lemon Juice

    Brushing the teeth with lemon juice mix with a quarter teaspoon of aloe vera gel is another frequently mentioned home remedy. The lemon’s natural bleaching properties can help make the teeth brighter.

    Unfortunately, lemon juice itself is also very acidic and will cause the teeth to lose calcium. If too much calcium is lost, the teeth can become very susceptible to decay. In addition, brushing the teeth with lemon juice can also soften the tooth enamel and this may lead to tooth sensitivity. Therefore, lemon juice as a natural teeth whitener is not recommended.


    You might have heard that strawberries can give you whiter teeth too. This is perfectly true, although the effect is fairly mild. Apply mashed strawberries to your teeth, or just rub with the whole fruit for the tastiest natural home remedy for whitening teeth.

    Again, strawberries contain sugar and malic acid, which removes stains and whiten the teeth but also softens the enamel, so you will need to brush your teeth immediately after this treatment.

    Wood Ash

    Hard wood ash is a natural teeth whitening agent for teeth. It contains potassium hydroxide (lye) which has tiny crystals that help scrape off stains to give you whiter teeth. However you should be aware that hard wood ash is also one of the most abrasive natural teeth whitening remedies available and can damage the teeth with frequent use, so be sure to use it sparingly.

    Mustard Oil

    Rubbing a few drops of mustard oil and a pinch of salt on the teeth can help remove stains however be aware that this formula may produce a stinging sensation to the gums.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Another common home remedy for whiter teeth, albeit one that is not really natural, is hydrogen peroxide. The basic whitening agent for many clinical and over the counter tooth whitening products, hydrogen peroxide works very well to whiten your teeth, either on its own or mixed with some baking soda. However due to it’s awful taste, most people who use hydrogen peroxide at home often dilute it with water before applying it directly onto their toothbrush.

    While hydrogen peroxide is safe to gargle, one should be extra careful not to swallow any of it as it poses a health hazard to the body. For pregnant or lactating women, any accidental swallowing of the whitening gel could be potentially harmful to the unborn fetus.

    When using hydrogen peroxide, you may also experience gum irritation. This is perfectly normal and natural however you should avoid using it if you have any sores inside your mouth.

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    just avoid staining drinks like cofee and coke and stuff like that..or at least dnt drink lots…that shld do sum improvment

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