Colon problems help ?

So im 17 and have a problem but im not sure what. So im always flatulating. My stools come out thicker when I wake up then later in the day some what thin and slushy. I get this itchy sensation in my colon near the rectum. it Burns sometimes when I poop too and usually I get this weird pain in my lower colon but it subsides after a while. what could it be? sometimes its hard to poop as well.


  • katrina

    well you can certainly see your doctor as any of us trying to diagnose over the internet is not your best bet. However it sounds as if you have issues with constipation…do you drink plenty of water during the day? Eat fruits, veggies and fiber filled foods? If not, it’s time for changes. You may also have a hemorrhoid as it can cause itching – time to make some sincere dietary changes as your body is letting you know what you are doing is not in your best interest. And of course you can ask your doctor for more input

  • Sandy

    It could be the start of hemorrhoids, please, do not think the worst straight away and think of cancer.
    If it gets increasing worse and painful to have a bowel movement, speak to your Doctor. You’re somewhat young for hemorrhoids, but it definitely is possible.
    Did you ever a prolonged period of time where you had constipation problems?
    Just keep an eye on it, certainly….don’t get anxious about it, you’ll be just fine. >3

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