career help, in high school. natural health?

i was hoping if someone would be able to give me a list of careers i could get in natural health. also maybe some good schools, in canada. and online is not an option. i HATE online. i found what looks to be a career i might be interested in, herbalist. but how would i even go about it? and what schooling would i need? what classes should i take.


  • There’s a heck of a lot of nonsense ‘occupations’ such as herbalist, naturopath etc etc.

    You ever see these jobs advertised anywhere? No? Ever wonder why? Well basically it’s because they’re not real jobs. Sure, you might be able to con a few people out of their cash but long term, you really need to have little or no morals to keep this up. Plus, with increasing regulation, these fake health occupations are likely to be in decline.

    Go and get qualified in a real health subject if you’re interested, you can always look into the less credible stuff later if you are really interested. It’s far better you have a real qualification to fall back on, rather than spending your time and money on a qualification that won’t get you a job anywhere.

  • pelican

    College of the Rockies in Creston, BC has a program.

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